2009-10 Course Descriptions

   ART - Art

Department of Art and Design (CAS)

ART 101 Introduction to Art (3-0-3), fall, spring. Fundamentals of visual art pertaining to perceptive viewing and understanding. May be used to satisfy Fine Arts Degree Core requirement.


ART 105 Two-Dimensional Design (2-4-3), fall, spring. Fundamentals of visual organization on a two-dimensional plane. Study of value, color, shape, line, and their inter-relationships.


ART 106 Three-Dimensional Design (2-4-3), fall, spring. Fundamentals of organization in three-dimensional space. Study of space articulated by line, plane, volume, and surface.


ART 111 Basic Drawing (2-4-3), fall, spring, summer. Introduction to studio activity. Visual fundamentals as expressed through drawing. Line, value, space, texture, proportion, composition.


ART 112 Figure Drawing I (2-4-3), fall, spring, summer. Continued exploration of drawing fundamentals with emphasis on the figure. Prerequisite for art majors: ART 111.


ART 213 Figure Drawing II (2-4-3), fall, spring, summer. More complex drawing problems emphasizing the figure. Emphasis on varied material, techniques, and concepts. Prerequisite: ART 112.


ART 221 Art History: General Survey I (3-0-3), fall. Art of the Western World from Prehistoric through Gothic. May be used to satisfy Fine Arts Degree Core requirement.


ART 222 Art History: General Survey II (3-0-3), spring. Art of the Western World from Renaissance through Modern. May be used to satisfy Fine Arts Degree Core requirement.


ART 314 Advanced Drawing (2-4-3), spring, summer. Emphasis on experimentation with concept and media. Prerequisite: ART 213.


ART 315 Printmaking (2-4-3), spring. Introduction to printmaking with primary emphasis on relief and intaglio processes. Prerequisites: ART 105, 112.


ART 317 Introduction to Illustration (2-4-3), fall. An introduction to illustration as a commercial art field. Explores pictorial problem-solving for a client through utilization of traditional media and processes. Prerequisites: ART 105, 111, 112.


ART 318 Digital Illustration (2-4-3), spring. Explores the computer as a medium for creating original images for commercial art outlets. Uses both bitmap and vector programs. Prerequisite: ART 105, 111, 112, 317.


ART 323 Art History: 20th Century (3-0-3), fall. Art of the late 19th and 20th centuries in Europe and the United States. A writing-intensive course.


ART 324 Art History: American (3-0-3), spring. Architecture, painting, and sculpture of the United States from Colonial times to the present.


ART 331 Sculpture I (2-4-3), fall, spring. Exploration of sculptural form. Media and processes will vary but may include metal casting, clay portraiture, and stone carving. Prerequisite: ART 106.


ART 332 Sculpture II (2-4-3), fall, spring. Continued exploration of sculptural form begun in ART 331. Media and processes will vary but typically include welding processes, mixed media, wood construction, and bronze casting. Prerequisite: ART 331.


ART 341 Painting I (2-4-3), fall, spring. Problems in pictorial expression. Oil or acrylics. Prerequisite for art majors: ART 105, 112.


ART 342 Painting II (2-4-3), fall, spring. Continuation of ART 341. Development of painting problems in keeping with the student's personal interests and aptitudes. Prerequisite: ART 341.


ART 351 Basic Visual Communication (2-4-3), fall, spring. Introduction to formal resources, systems, conceptual principles and procedures underlying the practice of graphic design. Particular attention is given to problem solving, the visualization of problems and solutions, and the correlation of forms with their content, function, and context. Prerequisite: ART 105.


ART 352 Digital Graphic Techniques (2-4-3), fall, spring. An introduction to computer aided design with emphasis on InDesign and Photoshop. Continuing emphasis on problem solving in relation to electronic message making. Prerequisite: ART 351.


ART 353 Identity and Brand Design (2-4-3), spring. Examination of the problems and possibilities using design to interpret information. Exploration of how difficult concepts and abstract ideas can be made visible and understandable to an audience. Prerequisites: ART 352 and junior standing in art.


ART 361 Ceramics I (2-4-3), fall, spring. Introduction to ceramics. Construction of pottery forms by hand building and on the potter's wheel.


ART 362 Ceramics II (2-4-3), fall, spring. Development of proficiency on the potter's wheel. Concentration on design and introduction to glazes. Prerequisite: ART 361.


ART 371 Jewelry/Metals I (2-4-3), fall. Designing and making jewelry and small objects with various metals and alternate materials. Casting and constructed forms. Prerequisite for art majors: ART 105, 106.


ART 372 Jewelry/Metals II (2-4-3), fall. Exploration of the plasticity of metal by smithing. Jewelry work in fabrication or casting. Emphasis on design and craftsmanship. Prerequisite: ART 371.


ART 433 Sculpture III (2-4-3), fall, spring. Advanced sculpture problems with emphasis on content. The student is encouraged to experiment with new materials and techniques. Prerequisite: ART 332.


ART 434 Sculpture IV (2-4-3), fall, spring. Problems involving larger scale forms with medium and technique chosen by the student. Prerequisite: ART 433.


ART 443 Painting III (2-4-3), fall, spring. Increased emphasis on student initiative and experimentation in problems of content, style and technique. Prerequisite: ART 342.


ART 444 Painting IV (2-4-3), fall, spring. Continuation of ART 443. The student will be expected to develop a personal style of pictorial expression. Prerequisite: ART 443.


ART 454 Information Graphics (2-4-3), fall. Investigation of publication design, particularly that of magazines and books. Emphasis on marketing and directing reader's emotional and intellectual response. Prerequisite: ART 352.


ART 455 Persuasive Graphics (2-4-3), fall. Introduction to package design; investigation of materials and production methods. Projects include revitalization of existing packaging and packaging of new products. Prerequisite: ART 352.


ART 456 Graphic Design Portfolio (2-4-3), spring. Advanced problem solving activities structured to increase graphic design awareness and skills. Internship with local design firms. Course work culminates in a mini-exhibition or presentation. Prerequisite: ART 353, 454, 455 or permission of instructor.


ART 457 Interactive Design (2-4-3), spring. Introduces interactive Web design; reviews current visual communication practices on the Internet, considering the basic concepts of information architecture, developing core technical and design competencies, and exploring the fundamentals of interaction design. The class challenges students to expand the creative potential of the medium. Prerequisites: ART 352, 353 and 454 or permission from instructor for non-art majors.


ART 463 Ceramics III (2-4-3), fall, spring. Further development of proficiency on the wheel. Special projects in technique and form. Experiments with glazing and firing. Prerequisite: ART 362.


ART 464 Ceramics IV (2-4-3), fall, spring. Individual problems and assignments. Prerequisite: ART 463.


ART 473 Jewelry/Metals III (2-4-3), fall. Casting, fabrication and forging continued. Chain making. Historical studies of style and function of jewelry. Prerequisite: ART 372.


ART 474 Jewelry/Metals IV (2-4-3), fall. Fabrication, forming, exploration of non-traditional materials. Experimental approach to form and material. Prerequisite: ART 473.


ART 487 Art for Elementary Teachers (2-4-3), fall, spring. Theory, techniques, materials, and activities appropriate for elementary school art instruction.


ART 488 Art Education: Secondary (3-0-3), on demand. History, theory, and curriculum for the junior high and high school art teacher. Prerequisite: ART 323 and junior standing.


ART 490 Advanced Studio Problems (2-4-3), on demand. Specific problems in various media. Course content and media to be determined by the instructor. May be repeated for 3 hours credit. Prerequisite: junior standing and permission of instructor and department chair.


ART 495 Life and Career in Art (3-0-3), spring. A study of the culture of the art world, the marketplace for art and art services, and the professional practices required for a career in fine or applied arts. Special emphasis is given to developing skills, practices, and values for an artistic life of leadership and influence. Prerequisites: senior standing and one of ART 318, 433, 443, 455, 463, 473, or 490 in drawing. 

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