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   Online Program Design

ACU Online provides students with the convenience of online education and the quality of ACU instruction. The online programs are designed for working professionals. The format allows students to concentrate on one course at a time and complete it before beginning the next.

Each academic year has three semesters; each online semester consists of two sessions, there are six sessions per year. Students may begin in any of the six sessions. The dates of these sessions and other important dates regarding course enrollment are included in the online academic calendar. All graduate students begin with an 8-week introductory course. All remaining courses are 7 weeks in duration. The online program courses are not self-paced, but are designed to allow for flexibility in meeting the scheduling needs of busy professionals.

A full refund is only given if a course is dropped prior to the course start date. Contact the Student Services advisor for your degree program for help with dropping a course (See ACU Online Programs for contact information).

PLEASE NOTE: Students must have access to a computer with an Internet connection (high speed Internet access recommended). Students also need a DVD player and sufficient technical proficiency for the online environment. Students must be able to open and send documents with MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint formats, and have email capabilities.


Students enrolled in the online programs are expected to maintain continuous enrollment for the duration of the program. This allows students to build relationships within the online community. To register for courses, contact the Student Services advisor for your degree program (See ACU Online Programs).

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   Admission Requirements

ACU is committed to providing equal educational opportunities for students without regard to race, color, sex, creed, handicap or national origin. As a private educational institution, however, ACU reserves the right to deny admission to any applicant whose academic preparation, character or personal conduct is determined to be inconsistent with the purposes and objectives of the University.

Admission Criteria
All admission criteria, procedures and forms are available at An application fee of $100 is required before the file is reviewed for admission.

International student admission for the online programs will not require the submission of international admission forms since no student visa will be issued. A TOEFL score will be required in addition to the regular admission materials.

Admission to a Certificate Program
ACU Online offers graduate certificate programs in:

     • Conflict Resolution
     • Conflict Resolution for Educators

Some students complete these certificate programs in conjunction with a master's degree program. If a student is not enrolled in a master's degree program, he or she must apply for the certificate program. If the student decides to apply any part of the certificate toward a graduate degree, he/she must apply and be admitted into that degree program.

To be admitted unconditionally to an ACU certificate program, a student must:

  1. Submit a certificate application and fee ($100); and
  2. Submit an official transcript indicating a bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited college or university.

Accuracy of Material
All application material submitted must be accurate. Any erroneous, misleading or incomplete information may be grounds for termination.

Students taking any graduate or undergraduate coursework between the date of acceptance and the date of first course enrollment at ACU must submit official transcripts for that work before beginning their program at ACU.

Delayed Admission
Students who receive an official letter of acceptance will be informed that the acceptance is available only for the semester indicated. Students who wish to change their entry date must request a later start date in writing before the beginning of the semester of original admission. Application files are only maintained for one year past original admission date. Applicants who delay their start date for more than one year without notification should expect to begin the application process again, including fees and all required materials. Contact the Student Services advisor for your degree program (See ACU Online Programs).

Readmission Policy
If a student drops out of an online program for more than one calendar year, the student will need to apply as if they are a new student entering the program, meeting all requirements and fees.

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   Academic Information

This section includes policies specific for students in ACU online programs. For complete academic information (i.e. GPA requirements, transfer credits, graduation, probation, suspension, degree time limit, etc), see the Graduate School section of this catalog.

Students will be governed by the catalog in effect when they actually begin coursework at ACU. The time limit for completing the degree will begin with the first enrollment in the graduate program.

   Glossary of Terms

Add/Drop PeriodBegins with pre-registration until the day before the course is scheduled to begin.
DropRemoval of course registration (registration does not show on transcript).
WithdrawStudent stops course work after the course begins. The student must submit a request to withdraw from the course and a grade of "W" shows on the transcript.
Withdraw from
the University
After course work begins, a student withdraws from all courses for the semester. If a student is not returning the next semester, this initiates a process to end university student services.
Semester/TermACU credits are based on the semester system. The academic semester (term) is 15 weeks plus one week for final examinations. The online program schedule is set-up to host two sessions per semester. A 3-hour course is completed during each 7-week period.
SessionThe 7-week period for the online course to be completed. Each semester will have two sessions: Session 1 is the first half of the semester; Session 2 is the last seven weeks of the semester. A 3-hour course may be completed during the 7-week session.
Residency SessionA face-to-face session on the ACU campus or other designated location. Individuals are responsible for all costs to attend, including travel, meals and housing. Residency fees may apply.

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Add/Drop Policy
Students may drop or add courses during the add/drop period for a full refund.

Before the course start date100% Refund
First day of the courseNo refund for withdrawal after course starts

NOTE: Dropping a Session 2 course may affect financial aid eligibility and result in disbursed aid needing to be returned. For more information, contact:
       Student Financial Services
       ACU Box 29007; Abilene, Texas 79699-9007
       Zellner Hall
       Phone: 325-674-2300 (in Abilene) or 888-588-6083 (outside Abilene)

Withdrawal from a Course
If it becomes necessary to withdraw from a course, the student should first visit with his or her Student Services advisor and instructor of the course. The last day to withdraw from an online course is the corresponding day with 80 percent of the course is completed (See the Online Academic Calendar for dates). There is no tuition refund once a session begins.

Withdrawal from the University
Students who must withdraw from all courses for the semester are required to withdraw from the university. Contact the Student Services advisor for your program for information on withdrawing from the university. This process must be completed prior to the final week of the session. Students may not withdraw from the university after completion of a Session 1 course.

Academic Integrity
ACU expects its students to practice absolute academic integrity. Plagiarism, cheating and other forms of academic dishonesty are not acceptable at ACU. Students should consult the university's Academic Integrity Policy for a full description of the expectations of students and procedures for dealing with violations of the policy (located in the Student Guide at

Changing/Adding a Major
Contact your Student Services advisor to request a change or addition of your degree or major.

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Due to the interactive nature and fixed duration of the online courses, students may not receive "I" (Incomplete) or "IP" (In Progress) grades for online courses. Students unable to complete course requirements must withdraw or receive the grade they have earned without completing the course requirements. Contact the course instructor and Student Services advisor if an exceptional circumstance occurs after the withdraw date before the end of the course that prevents successful completion.

For more information concerning grades, see the following:

     • Grades

     • Low Grades

     • Academic Probation and Suspension

     • Degree Time Limit

     • Dismissal

     • Exception Requests

     • Grade Appeals and Grievances

Concurrent Enrollment Policy
ACU students are generally expected to take their courses at ACU. Only in exceptional circumstances may students petition, in advance, to receive credit for a course at another institution during a semester that they are enrolled for courses at ACU. Concurrent enrollment includes correspondence, distance, and online courses. Petitions for concurrent enrollment must be approved by the advisor, dean of the student's major, and the provot. By government regulations, only courses taken within the intercollegiate agreement (ACU, Hardin-Simmons and McMurry), the Patty Hanks Shelton School of Nursing, and other contracted programs that post grades to the ACU transcript, can be accepted for financial aid eligibility. Generally, courses from other colleges or universities will not count as hours enrolled for financial aid eligibility.

     • Graduation

     • About This Catalog

     • Legal Notices

     • Financial Information

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   ACU Online Programs

For more information on the MA in Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation, contact: • 1-877-723-1131 Ext. 3524

For more information on the Certificate in Conflict Resolution, contact: • 1-877-723-1131 Ext. 3524

For more information on the Certificate in Conflict Resolution for Educators, contact: • 1-877-723-1131 Ext. 3524

For more information on the MEd in Leadership of Learning, contact: • 1-877-723-1131 Ext. 3530

For more information on the MEd in Curriculum and Instruction, contact: • 1-877-723-1131 Ext. 3530

For more information on the MEd in Special Education, contact: • 1-877-723-1131 Ext. 3530

For more information on the MEd in Higher Education, contact: • 1-877-723-1131 Ext. 3533

For more information on the MS in Organizational and Human Resource Development, contact: • 1-877-723-1131 Ext. 3534


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