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Admission Requirements

Social Work (MSSW)

Certificate in Social Services Administration

Paul Ammons, Professor
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Susan Clark, Associate Professor
Bill Culp, Associate Professor
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We strive to honor God by advocating social and economic justice for the poor and vulnerable of the earth; by celebrating the joys of diversity; by integrating faith and social work; and by building the evidence of effective social work practice.

Our mission is to prepare graduates to be competent practitioners who are able to incorporate their faith and best evidence into practice; to advance social work knowledge through research and other scholarly activities; and to promote social justice worldwide through leadership roles in the social services.


Graduate Programs

The School of Social Work offers a Master of Science in Social Work (MSSW) degree and a Graduate Certificate in Social Services Administration, which may be completed while in the MSSW program of study.

The ACU MSSW program offers an innovative curriculum aimed at preparing leading edge social work practitioners. It is designed to produce versatile social work leaders who are able to incorporate their faith and employ technology to identify and make use of what works – the most promising interventions, the most forward-thinking programs and policies – to empower and instill hope in their clients and to promote positive social change.

There are two programs of study leading toward the MSSW: Standard and Advanced Standing. The Standard Program requires two years of full-time study (64 hours). The first year introduces important ideas and concepts that are at the heart of what it means to be a social worker and to engage in evidence-based practice. The second year concentrates on evidence-based social interventions with systems of various sizes.

The Advanced Standing Program is for students who have completed a BSW from a program accredited by the Council of Social Work Education. Following a 6-hour summer seminar, Advanced Standing students move directly into the 32-hour second year of study.

Both programs combine classroom study with supervised internships in social service agencies and include either a thesis or a research project suitable for dissemination.

The MSSW program is seeking accreditation by the Council of Social Work Education (CSWE). The program was granted candidacy by CSWE in October 2007, and is eligible for full accreditation in 2010. Initial accreditation automatically covers those graduating classes of students admitted while the program is in candidacy.

Admission Requirements
While the Standard Program accepts students with a bachelor’s degree in any field, students are expected to demonstrate a broad liberal arts background. A course in statistics is highly desirable.

Applicants are required to meet all of the admission requirements of the Graduate School. If undergraduate GPA is below 3.0, the GRE or MAT entrance exam is required. The writing sample must be a personal statement addressing reflections on the four themes of the School of Social Work—evidence-based practice, God’s gift of diversity, faith and social work, and social justice.

Applications for the Standard Program are accepted for fall admission. Advanced Standing students with a recent BSW degree from a program accredited by the CSWE are admitted in June. Applicants who completed the BSW more than five years ago are eligible for Advanced Standing only if they are employed in the field of social services.

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Major Code: MSSW or MSSW-ADV (for Advanced Standing*)

Requirements for the MSSW are:

YEAR 1 COURSES (32 HOURS)                                                                                 
SOCW 615Social Work Research Methods
SOCW 625Human Behavior in the Social Environment
SOCW 641 Social Welfare Policy and Services
SOCW 651 Foundations of Evidence-Based Social Work Practice I
SOCW 681 Foundation Field Practicum I
SOCW 616 Program and Practice Evaluation
SOCW 626 Diversity, Power and Oppression
SOCW 642 Policy Analysis and Practice
SOCW 652

Foundations of Evidence-Based Practice II

SOCW 682 Foundation Field Practicum II


  (Required for Advanced Standing students (MSSW-ADV), optional for other students.)

SOCW 640Seminar for Advanced Standing Students
SOCW 725 Spirituality and Social Work Practice
SOCW 744

Management and Funding for Nonprofit Organizations

SOCW 751 Advanced Evidence-Based Practice Interventions I
SOCW 781 Advanced Social Work Field Practicum I
SOCW 799 Thesis
SOCW 741 Globalization and Social Justice 
SOCW 745

Administration and Planning for Nonprofit Organizations

SOCW 752 Advanced Evidence-Based Practice Interventions II
SOCW 782

Advanced Social Work Field Practicum II

SOCW 799 Thesis

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Contact Information
Bill Culp, Advisor
ACU Box 27866
Abilene, Texas 79699-7866
Hardin Administration Building, Room 108

Phone: 325-674-2072
Fax: 325-674-6525

Bill Culp, Associate Professor
Thomas L. Winter, Professor


Faculty from other departments who
teach in this program:
David Gotcher, Associate Professor of Sociology
Paul Lakey, Professor of Communication
Phillip Vardiman, Assistant Professor of
                              Management Sciences

The certificate in social services administration requires 15 hours, and course work may apply toward the Master of Science in gerontology degree or the Master of Science in Social Work degree.

Requirements for the certificate in social services administration are:

          1. Core courses, 12 hours:
              MGMT 532 Human Resource Management
              SOCW 541 Social Welfare Policy and Services
              SOCW 744 Management and Funding of Nonprofit Organizations
              SOCW 745 Administration and Planning for Nonprofit Organizations

          2. Selection, 3 hours:
              COMS 642 Seminar in Communication or
              SOCI 560 Ethics and Social Issues

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