2007-08 Course Descriptions

MPEI - Music Performance Ensemble Instrumental

Department of Music (CAS)

MPEI 210 Marching Band (0-1-1), fall. This course number may used to substitute for 1 hour of EXSC activity credit for one semester. May not be repeated.

MPEI 301 Music Performance Ensemble Instrumental (0-1-No credit), fall, spring. May be repeated. Same as MPEI 311. Participation fee.

MPEI 311 Music Performance Ensemble Instrumental (0-1-1), fall, spring. May be repeated. Same as MPEI 301. Concert and Marching Band-01; Brass Quintet-02; Jazz Ensemble-03; Jazz Combo-04; Saxophone Quartet-05; Orchestra (ACO)-06; Orchestra (Musical)-07; Percussion Ensemble-08; Trombone Quartet-09; Piano Ensemble-10; String Quartet-11; Woodwind Ensemble-12; Wind Ensemble-13; Early Music Ensemble Inst.-14.

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