2007-08 Course Descriptions

IT - Information Technology

School of Information Technology and Computing (SITC)

IT 120 Introduction to Information Technology (3-0-3), TBA. An introductory survey of modern information technology covering hardware, software, operating systems, networks, databases, security, telecommunications, and related subjects. Students gain a fundamental understanding of these broad subject areas, and how they relate to each other. Additional emphasis on current trends, emerging technology, ethics, social responsibility, and global economic impacts.

IT 125 Web Development I (3-0-3), fall, spring. An introduction to the development of web pages used to display images, tables, forms, and frames. Topics include HTML, cascading style sheets, server- and client-side scripting, applets, and web databases and security. Also introduces Internet browsers, user computer configurations, standard protocols, XML compatibility, Dynamic HTML, and accessibility issues. Prerequisite: CS 115 or CS 120, or concurrent enrollment in either.

IT 220 Introduction to Databases and Database Management Systems (3-0-3), TBA. A survey of the logical and physical organization of data and their importance in computer processing. Introduces data models, relational database design, and associated ideas. Compares modern DBMS software. Examines data as a strategic organizational resource. Students develop the basic SQL scripting skills necessary to create tables, queries, forms, and reports. Prerequisite: CS 115.

IT 221 Fundamentals of Networking and Data Communications (3-1-3), fall, spring. A first course in data communications and networking. Topics include: IP networks and services, comparative network configurations and communications protocols, function and purpose of physical network components, resource sharing, client-server systems, administrative issues and tools, and industry standards. Provides initial training towards professional network certification. Laboratory graded and credited with course. Same as CS 221. Prerequisite: CS 115.

IT 310 Introduction to Computer and Information Security (3-0-3), TBA. A survey of the fundamental concepts of computer and information security, including policies and technologies used to achieve secure networks, systems, computing facilities, and information resources. Topics include common system vulnerabilities and threats; models and mechanisms for mandatory, discretionary, and role-based access controls; authentication technologies; ethical issues; and related ideas. Prerequisite: IT 221 or consent of instructor.

IT 320 Database Administration (3-0-3), TBA. A comprehensive presentation of the concepts and techniques of modern database administration. Topics include: system/software evaluation, selection, installation, operations, and maintenance; capacity planning and re-engineering; and utilities and tools for trouble-shooting, backup/recovery, and performance monitoring/tuning. Discusses approaches and standards for organizing and managing the database resources, users, and technology of an enterprise. Prerequisites: IT 220 or CS 320.

IT 325 Web Development II (3-0-3), TBA. Continuation of Web Development I. Topics include: Rapid Application Development; client- and server-side scripting for user and database interaction; session/cookie management; and privacy and integrity issues. Students learn scripting languages such as JavaScript, Perl, and ASP and develop an understanding of the document object model. Emphasizes satisfying client specifications. Prerequisites: IT 125 and CS 120.

IT 330 Networks II: Routing and Switching (3-1-3), TBA. Theory and practice in the configuration, installation, and management of routers and switches for various networks. Topics include: router configuration, IP addressing, routing and bridging loops, programming routers for LAN/WAN connections, Ethernet and token ring connections, TCP/IP addressing, and related ideas. A second course towards professional network certification. Laboratory graded and credited with course. Prerequisite: IT 221.

IT 410 Systems Integration and Administration (3-0-3), TBA. Study and practice in the integration and administration of computer systems. Topics include: resource planning; hardware evaluation, acquisition, installation, and maintenance; file systems; system diagnostics and performance tuning; backup/restore processes; integration of various operating platforms and open source technologies; and user and customer support services. Requires scripting and shell programming. Prerequisites: Completion of all required 100- and 200-level CS and IT courses.

IT 415 Networks and Security Administration (3-0-3), TBA. Study and practice in administering and securing a multifaceted network and communications infrastructure. Topics include: network standards, protocols, naming systems, configurations, and services; hardware and operating system interoperability; capacity planning and re-engineering; security requirements and procedures; logging and auditing tools; disaster planning; and trouble-shooting and performance tuning. Emphasizes user and client needs. Prerequisites: IT 221 and 310.

IT 420 Wireless Networks and Protocols (3-0-3), TBA. Examines the diverse aspects of wireless communications, encompassing voice, data, and video services offered through terrestrial, satellite, microwave systems. Topics include: wireless network architecture; cellular telephony; signaling schemes; wireless network processing, protocols, standards, and middleware; and mobility management. Also discusses international cooperation, standardization, frequency allocation, government regulations, and emerging technology. Prerequisite: IT 221.

IT 430 Modern Telecommunications (3-0-3), TBA. A survey of modern telecommunications systems, functions, and mechanisms. Topics include: voice and data services; signaling, switching, digital transmission, and traffic engineering; telecommunication networks; and specialized technologies, protocols, and services. Presents best practices in selecting, implementing, and managing enterprise-level telecommunications systems, and discusses the evolutionary impact of telecommunications on society. Prerequisite: IT 221.

IT 490 Topics in Information Technology (3-0-3), TBA. Investigation of an Information Technology topic of current interest. Topics rotate depending on faculty expertise and student interest, with the same topic generally not being offered more than twice. Students may enroll more than once for credit so long as the topics are different. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.

IT 495 Information Technology Internship (3-0-3), TBA. A work/study field experience. Students apply classroom knowledge and skills in a professional setting. Projects are selected/assigned in conjunction with a faculty advisor, and work is performed under the direction of an employer representative in consultation with the faculty advisor. A writing intensive course; requires submission of a reflective paper. Prerequisite: Completion of all required 100- and 200-level CS and IT courses.

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