Challenge a Course

Under exceptional circumstances, a student's past experience may provide the student with experiences equivalent to one of the undergraduate courses offered by the university. The student should see the chair of the appropriate department to discuss whether that experience might provide knowledge and skills comparable to the knowledge and skills expected through the course work.  If it has, the chair and dean may approve the student for possible credit by exam, through either the standard exam, if available, for which credit is granted in that course or for a special exam supplied by the department.  Because of the nature of some courses, they are never credited through challenge or examination. The fee for the exam is $50, whether you pass or fail, and the transcript recording fee is $50 for each course posted to the student's transcript. 

Students who wish to attempt credit by exam through challenging a course in which they are enrolled must take the exam within the first week of a regular term or the first day of a summer term or Maymester. If credit is granted, the tuition refund will be 100 percent. Students may not challenge a course they have previously audited or taken for credit.

*Print a Course Challenge Form or you may pick one up from the University Testing Center in the Lower Level of McKinzie Hall