ACU Examinations

  • ACU English Essay Examination
  • Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling
  • Music Theory
  • Challenging a Course

ACU English Essay Examination ($25)
For new students only

The ACU English Essay Examination is a two-hour exam (dictionary use permitted) offered during each of the ACU Passport Sessions held every summer. Under no circumstances may a student write the exam after the first week of their first semester at ACU.

Students may qualify to write the English Essay by one of the following methods:

1. Scoring 29-31 on the ACT English test

2. Scoring 3 or higher on the APP-CEEB English tests

3. Scoring 710-740 on either the SAT I Critical Reading (formerly known as Verbal) or the SAT II Writing test

4. Scoring 55 or higher on the College Composition Modular CLEP test, or

5. Scoring a 4 on the IB English (HL) exam.

Most students who take and pass the English Essay Examination will receive 3 hours credit for ENGL 111. However, students who score a 3 on the AP Literature and Composition Test or score a 64 or higher on the College Composition Modular CLEP test and who then write a superior English Essay may earn credit for ENGL 111 and ENGL 112. Students who score a 5 on the IB English (HL) exam may write the Essay to attempt ENGL 112 credit. A superior score must be received for this credit to be awarded.

Special note: Any student receiving the Achievement Award for Writing from the National Council of Teachers of English will be awarded 3 hours credit for ENGL 111.

Note to international students: The ACU English department requires a writing sample of all international students before granting credit by examination in English. The writing sample normally consists of the ACU English Essay Examination.

Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling ($20)

This is an objective examination required of all Journalism and Mass Communication majors. Students scoring below 70 must take JMC 101 (Grammar for Journalists) or do significant remedial work before retaking the test. Students who score 24 or higher on the ACT English test or 500 or higher on the SAT verbal test are exempt.

Music Theory ($20)

Any student planning a music major, a music minor, or to enroll in music theory MUST take the music theory placement test. Credit can be earned in Music 111 (Sight Singing and Ear Training) and in Music 131 (Part Writing and Keyboard). This examination is administered by the music department.

Challenging a Course ($50)

 Registered ACU students may request to challenge an Abilene Christian University undergraduate course for which there is no listed CLEP, AP, or ACU Examination. Challenging a course means you are requesting to take a final exam for the course. Such requests must be approved by the respective academic departments which teach the course. A course challenge is a test designed, administered, and scored by the department offering the course. Testing is arranged by the student and department chairperson. A fee of $50.00 is charged for each course. You may pick up a Course Challenge form in the University Testing Center.

Please note: Once credit is received, there is a $50 transcript recording fee per course that is charged to the student's account in order to post the credit onto their academic record.