Pledging Eligibility Requirements for Fall 2015:

  • Graduated from high school in 2014 or earlier
  • Must have completed two full semesters (24 hours) of college credit
  • Must have a 2.5 cumulative GPA and a 2.0 semester GPA
  • Must be in good standing with the university

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Social Clubs

ACU's social clubs offer students a chance to connect and feel a sense of brotherhood and sisterhood. There are over 600 students in our 12 social clubs on campus. Our club members have a cumulative GPA of a 3.35 compared to a 3.23 for the entire student body. Below are lists of our current clubs, their presidents, officers, advisers and a way to contact them.

Men's Social Clubs  

Frater Sodalis

President: Mat Solomon
ACU Box: 27683
Advisors: Grant Cunningham, Scott Kilmer, Mac Leavell, Larry Sanders, Tim Yandell
Officers: Chris Perkins, Jonathan Juarez, Josh Hollers, Trey Tyson, Marshall Towell, Parker Lawson, Drew Martinez, Keith Sanders, Kyle Bowen


President: Eric Schinske
ACU Box: 26591
Advisors: Larry Henderson, David Pittman, Garrett Sublette, Kris Evans
Officers: Benton Cooper, Colton Edmondson, Dustin Worthen, Grayson Young, Rudy Garza, Hunter Rhyne, Duncan McAulay

Gamma Sigma Phi

President: Andrew Ritchie
Advisors: Ed Allred, Larry Folwell, Don Garrett, John Mark Moudy, Brian Stuart
Officers: Zeke Morgan, Cason Ford, Gabe Guerra, Micah Conway, Colby Hatchett, Parker Tennet, Jeremy Aymard, Kaileb Holland, Austin Cotton, Mac Mascorro, Ross Dejarnatt

Pi Kappa

President: Josh Day
ACU Box: 27168
Advisors: Jonathan Cogburn, Ryan Feerer, Jeff Goolsby, Daniel Weber
Officers: Josh Day, Zach Speer, Wriley Anderson, Edhwin Sifuentes, Kyle Stainsby, Tazz Borden, Danny Edwards, Alan Fagala

Sub T-16

President: Paul Figel
Advisors: Charles Anderson, Brad Cranford, Derrick Long, Gary Lynn, Grant Rhoden, Stan Lambert, Mike Breckenridge
Officers: Hayden Free, Landon Breeding, Stephen Collins, Garrett Coppedge, Parker Bow, Cody Luttrell, Austin Fleet, Liam Doyle, Jake Wilburn, Cameron Bonifant, Logan Kane


President: Chipper Bridges
ACU Box: 28244
Advisors: Rob Byrd, Randy Piersall, Eric Vieth, Steven Moore, Matt Roberson
Officers: Cody Drennan, Kevin Bain, Michael Keeton, Tyler Sirman, Alex Carstens, Cameron Craig, Reilly Cox, Eric Terrazas, Zach Carstens

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Women's Social Clubs  

Alpha Kai Omega

President: Ali Rakestraw
ACU Box: 26292
Advisors: Autumn Fredrickson, Pam Medulla, Lettie Morrow, Ann Varner
Officers: Brittany Coons, Nicole Schoolcraft, Mikaela Waitman, Mary Kittrell, Meagan McBride, Joanie Perkins, Samantha Barton, Carolyn Miller, Grace Coan, Chrissy Corbett Emily Poterala



President: Kai Cremer
Advisors: Amber Peck, Betsey Craig, Jennifer Ellison, Sheila Hilton
Officers: Morgan Beckmon, Meigan Gardner, Summer Thompson, Jordan Gaytan, April Young, Courtney Roberts, Katlin Sehres, Emily Sears

Ko Jo Kai

President: Morgan Watten
ACU Box: 27617
Advisors: Marsha Allred, Cari Bonneau, Jama Cadle, MC Jennings, Gayla Pope, Karen Sharp
Officers: Ellen Irvin, Hallie Wells, Bonnie Ashlock, Maryn Evans, Laine Foith, Amy Johnston, Morgan Morrison, Anna Beasley, Courtney Spink, Emily Sorrells

Sigma Theta Chi

President: Sarah Hendrix
Advisors: Bobbie Dickson, Sylvia McCaleb, Susan Piersall, Linda Wallace, Amanda Pittman
Officers: Amy White, Lizzie Folwell, Cassie White, Claire Gillenberg, Abby Deaver, Leslie Lewis, Chera Chaney, Addie Schmitz, Makenlee Moore, Madison Flowers

Tri Kappa Gamma

President: Brooklyn Merkord
Advisors: Dena Counts, Laura Evans, Cindy Gravitt, Lisa Herndon, Michell Mickey, Jennifer Talley
Officers: Kelly Shelton, Desiree Tresslar, Megan Thurman, Lindsay Palmer, Emily Johnson

Zeta Rho

President: Kristi McQueen
Advisors: Kristina Davis, Suzie Macaluso, Ronica Worgull
Officers: Ciara Beck, Luthien McCurdy, Emily Cromwell, Addie Rich, Kiley Smith

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