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Social Clubs have a rich history on the campus of Abilene Christian University. They provide a unique opportunity for students to connect and get involved in activities such as intramurals, Sing Song, service projects, retreats, formal social events, devotionals and more. They give students great opportunities to develop long-lasting friendships.

Since 1919, ACU has been home for 29 local fraternities and sororities called social clubs. They evolved from two campus societies established in 1907 for social connection; Argos and Argens. Those two groups became the Hardings and the Zellners in 1913. Currently, 12 clubs are active on campus; six men’s clubs and six women’s clubs. More than 700 students participate in ACU club life through those 12 clubs.

Students involved in club are encouraged to value academic excellence. The cumulative GPA of the composite active club member is 3.31, while the average cumulative GPA among all students is 3.18.   

If you are interested in pledging a club, requirements include:

  • Graduated from high school in 2015
  • Must have completed two full semesters (at least 24 hours) of college credit
  • Must have a cumulative GPA of  a 2.5 and a previous semester GPA of 2.0
  • Must be in good standing with the university

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