FAQ - Pledging

1. How much does it cost to pledge?

The semester you pledge, you can expect to pay $200-400.  This includes dues and extras (T-shirts, Homecoming, Sing Song, pledging supplies,etc.).  This information varies from club to club so please talk with the officers of each club for specific details.

2. How long is the pledge period?

The pledging period averages six weeks with weekly hour limitations for activities.

3. How can I enjoy my pledging experience while maintaining academic excellence?

Personal organization and time management will allow you to participate in all extra activities, while maintaining your academic standards.

4. What is the hazing policy?

Hazing is a very serious issue on any campus.  Any form of hazing is not tolerated and disciplinary action will be taken against those who choose to participate in such an activity. If you are involved in or witness any hazing crimes, we ask you to report the incident as soon as possible.

As stated in the Student Guide, "Hazing in any form is a serious offense and will receive the full range of disciplinary response, including suspension and dismissal from the university...Hazing includes (but is not limited to) whipping, striking, beating, sleep deprivation, consumption of food, liquid, alcoholic beverages, liquor or drugs which constitute an unreasonable risk of harm of which adversely affects one's mental or physical health or safety..."

For more information on hazing, it is strongly recommended to consult the ACU Student Guide or speak with the Dean of Students.

5. What types of activities should I expect during pledging?

Activities during pledging include weekly pledge class meetings, Wednesday night meetings, Intramural participation, Grub planning, visits with older members, Homecoming float preparation, Homecoming parade and Homecoming breakfast. There are other activities not mentioned here and may vary by club.