Special Interests

A Capella Chorus 

Brings a group of individuals closer together through the expression of music.

Abilene Catholic Student Association - ACU Chapter 

Helps our members maturely express their beliefs, provides a student symbol of active Catholicism at ACU and unifies students through fellowship, Mass, and other events and activities. We also strive to ease the challenges of Catholic ideals and teachings resulting in the transition from home life to college life.

ACU College Republicans  

Provides students the opportunity to be involved in Republican party politics in a college setting.

ACU Lacrosse 

Provides the chance to play lacrosse at the club level against other universities.

AD/PR Club 

Offers professional development, networking for students, and affiliation with national organizations.

Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Club 

Develops a spirit of unity among students, assists ACU in the ultimate goal of training young men and women, promotes the Agricultural and Environmental Sciences department, and develops it to its greatest potential.

African Students' Association 

An innovative group that provides a support community that helps students nourish their African identity. It celebrates and raises awareness of the diverse African cultures to the Abilene Christian University community and the city of Abilene. 

American Marketing Association 

Provides students with the opportunity to explore the fields of marketing with a Christian perspective. Develops resumes, skills, and provides networking opportunities through the local Abilene area and ACU community projects. Networks with fellow marketers from other chapters, and competes in competitions on a national level. Also furthers the branding of the ACU difference to other schools.

American Society of Interior Designers 

Lead designs that serves human needs through solutions for the built environment.

Association for Computing Machinery    

The purpose of Association for Computing Machinery is to encourage ethical computer use, personal research, and training for fellow students in the field of computer technology.

Big Purple Marching Band 

Is a dynamic and exciting ensemble comprised of both music majors and non-music majors. The Big Purple is one of the largest co-ed organizations on campus. The band is a vital part of the ACU Opening Assembly each year, and performs at all home football games.

Black Students Association   

The purpose of Black Students' Association is to foster greater understanding of the African-American community on campus among students, faculty, and staff. Past events have included hosting events during the Black History Month in February, small group chapels, spring formals, and sponsoring various speakers for chapel presentations.

Chinese Christian Fellowship   

The Chinese Christian Fellowship aims to promote unity and service in the Chinese Christian community at ACU by gathering together to pray, worship, and communicate in the native language. The organization also provides opportunities for students to serve the community and welcomes incoming Chinese students.

Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA)   

CSSA is devoted to provide the support and fellowship needed to assist Chinese students' and scholars' academics and everyday life at ACU; to promote the development of a Chinese community; and to facilitate a better understanding of Chinese culture and customs.

College Democrats   

The ACU College Democrats is an organization dedicated to providing the students of ACU with the opportunity to voice their convictions and participate in the political process of our country. We are committed to promoting our profound belief that all Americans are equal and deserve the same rights and opportunities that are unique to our American ideology. As Christians and as Democrats, we place our moral beliefs at the center of all that we do and welcome all students who share our desire to serve.

Collegiate Entrepreneurs' Organization   

The Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization (CEO) informs, supports, and inspires college students to be entrepreneurial and seeks opportunity through enterprise creation. CEO is the premier global entrepreneurship network serving more than 20,000 students through 400 chapters at colleges and universities.

Cycling Club 

To promote the recreational and competitive sport of road cycling as well as mountain biking. Enable cyclists to feel God as they view his creation from a perspective they would not have ordinarily had without getting on their bike in the first place. To educate beginners as well as seasoned cyclists concerning safey and the benefits of participating in a lifetime activity.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)   

The ACU FCA chapter aspires to unify athletes for Christ through a variety of activities such as worship sessions, retreats, and adopting a family for Christmas.

The Fictionists 

To create an organization that fosters thecreative abilities in a Christian perspective. Also to find ways of expressing such creatives in prose.

Film Fest    

Film Fest is devoted to promoting personal expression through the medium of film by the ACU student body and faculty. The organization is determined to provide invaluable exposure to some of the top organizations and individuals in the film and mass-media world. Film Fest hosts an annual short-film contest which premieres at the Paramount Theatre downtown.

(ACU) Fishing Club 

The purpose of Fishing Club is to get students who enjoy fishing outside and use the surrounding lakes of Abilene and Texas. Fishing Club also wants to provide instruction for individuals who do not know how to fish so that they will enjoy fishing in the future.

Forward LENE 

Women's running club; to form a team of ladies that share a passion to run for fun.

Freshman Action Council (FAC)    

Freshman Action Council is a group of freshmen who plan and organize different activities for the freshman class. These activities include but are not limited to freshman social, freshman formal, community service projects, freshman devotionals, as well as any other events that FAC hosts in order to form community and relationships within the freshman class at Abilene Christian University. 

Hispanos Unidos   

Hispanos Unidos is an organization that promotes the Hispanic culture on campus and in Abilene. The organization partners with Communities In Schools (CIS) and hosts the annual spring event, Entra La Plaza.

International Justice Mission   

The International Justice Mission seeks to free people forced in slave labor or child prostitution by enforcing and changing laws throughout the world. The IJM student group serves a two-fold purpose. First, it acts as a fundraiser to the national organization in Washington D.C., and second, it aims at increasing student awareness of the assault on the innocent. Typical activities include participation in Social Justice Week, small-group chapels, and prayer-focused devotionals.

International Students' Association   

The ISA is an inclusive organization welcoming all students from any ethnicity, background, or race. Previous years'’ activities have included Thursday small-group chapel, coffee hours, welcome and farewell parties, intramural sports teams, a spring banquet, the ISA Food Festival, and a trip to Six-Flags. 

Jeremiah's Project  

Seeks to join children in some of their darkest moments and show them t hey have a hope and a future, found in the love of Christ

League of Wildcats 

To develop a friendly, competitive environment where players can meet and become friends with like-minded gamers, further developing competitive skills within a common ground of interest.

(ACU) Locavore Club 

To promote the healthy, environmental, social, and spiritual benefits of locally grown food, and to participate in sustainable, small-scale agricultural systems.


The LYNAY group was founded several years ago in the effort to educate students on the essence of leadership through service and building community. LYNAY is a multicultural group, having an equal representation of every major ethnic group, gender, and class on campus. The group meets once a week to listen to a variety of speakers on current topies and issues. There is a one hundred student cap on LYNAY, with a limited number of places available for incoming freshmen.

National Association for Music Education 

Promote the value of music education, learn the latest advancements and innovations in music education, provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and foster the best possible music programs in our nation's schools.

Omega Dance Co   

Our purpose is to be an organization where the expression of faith and creativity through dance is encouraged and explored in a Christian environment. We want to provide a forum at ACU for dancers to use the gifts that they have been blessed with to glorify God. Dancers will be encouraged, educated and held to high standard of moral values. Our mission is to glorify God through creating community, educating others and praising Him through jazz and contemporary dance.

(ACU) Outdoor Club 

The mission of the ACU Outdoor Club is to promote outdoor knowledge, ethics, and service. We are a group of students interested in exploring and understanding God'’s creation and the role of humans within it. The Outdoor Club participates in several service projects including the Abilene State Park Clean-Up, takes weekend climbing/camping trips, participates in intramural flag football and soccer, and hosts the Red Dirt Adventure Challenge.

Pulse A Cappella  

A Co-Ed A Cappella singing group that will bring a group of individuals closer together through the expression of music.

Red Thread Movement 

The Red Thread Movement is a student initiative to combat sexual slavery by raising awareness and funds. We sell $3 Red Thread bracelets made by girls in Nepal and plan events to advocate for anti-trafficking withing the United States and worldwide.


The purpose of Sanctify is to explore and express the cultural impact of Hip Hop movement in a Christian context.

Seekers of the Word   

Seekers of the Word is an intense, God-focused acting group that travels across the region to perform various dramatic and humorous skits for youth groups in order to illuminate the various struggles, lessons, and choices that are common to every young man and woman. Annual auditions are held in the fall.

Service Action Leadership Team 

The Service Action Leadership Team is a volunteer student organization committed to nuturing hearts for service.  In addition to service events, we are working to build relationships with local nonprofit agencies through ongoing service.  We are formed into six ministry teams who organize weekly opportunities to service in these areas:  Elderly, Hunger & Homeless, Youth, Hands & Feet (manual labor), Global Outreach, and neighbor 4 neighbor. Students can apply for SALT membership during the first two weeks of the fall semester.

Shades Step: Squad   

Shades is a stepping team that performs at both on-campus and off-campus events. The group’'s purpose is to vividly and creatively represent all elements of step, a form of movement that derives its roots from Africa as a form of story-telling. Shades also produces the annual Shades Show each spring.

The Shinnery Review    

The Shinnery Review is a student-run literary magazine at ACU. Since the 1930s the publication has appeared once a year as a journal containing poems, short, stories, creative nonfiction, photos, and artwork by undergrads and graduate students. The highlight of the year is the Black Tulip in April, a poetry-reading and jazz party where the magazine makes its debut. The Shinnery Review is open to any ACU student who wishes to work organizing sales and planning events. Weekly meetings occur throughout the school year.

Society for Human Resource Management 

Help students' learn about possible careers.

Society of Professional Journalists 

Encourage development of professional news judgment and ethical journalistic behavior.


To be an essential element to athletics so that we may revive the reputation of ACU's halftime show at sporting events.

Spring Break Campaigns  

Each year the Spring Break Campaigns committee organizes over thirty campaigns involving over five hundred students and student leaders. These campaigns travel all over the United States and the world to various churches and service sites to serve and share God'’s love with others during Spring Break.

Student African American Brotherhood (SAAB)   

The Student African American Brotherhood is a dynamic organization established specifically to assist participants to excel academically, socially, culturally, professionally, and in the community. SAAB is comprised of male students who strive for academic excellence and make a commitment to plan and implement programs that benefit their communities at large. SAAB participates in ACU for Abilene, Spring Break Campaigns, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and regional conferences in Kansas, California, and Illinois.

Student Alumni Association 

To serve as ambassadors to ACU Alumni on behalf of the student body. To serve as ambassadors to the student body on behalf of ACU Alumni. To serve as official hosts at selected university and alumni-related events, specifically those targeting students. These include Homecoming, Tailgate Parties, President's Circle Dinner, the Outstanding and young Alumnus of the Year luncheon, Spring Fest and the Senior Send-Off. To sponsor activities to increase student awareness of the role alumni play in the university. To instill the spirit of tradition, volunteerism and philanthropy among students and future alumni.

Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC)  

SAAC works toward enhancing the student athletes experience at ACU by promoting healthy, constant communication between student athletes and the rest of campus and conference office. Organization also gives student athletes a voice in conference/NCAA legislation. SAAC encourages more student involvement in community service projects on campus and in the community.

Students' Association   

The ACU Students' Association (or SA as it is commonly known) is comprised of all full-time undergraduate students. The organizing body of SA is called Congress, and it operates out of an office in the lower level of the Campus Center. SA serves to advocate for the interests of the student body and to bring forth proposals which would enhance the life of the student body.

Student Association of the School of Psychology 

To educate students on current issues in the school of psychology, to garner interest in the profession of the school of psychology, and to organize community events to serve in a fashion consistent with our Christian beliefs and the mission of ACU.

Students in Free Enterprise 

To demonstrate the power of business through service.

Student Social Work Association 

Help social work majors (and non-majors at request) become involved in social work activities throughout the local, state and global community. The intention of the Student Social Work Association is to advocate, educate, and take action to help those in this world that are not able to help themselves.

Swing Cats   

The mission of ACU Swing Cats is to promote and sustain interest in pre-1950 U.S. social swing dance culture, including music, dress, and period-accurate dance styles. Our main dance goals will focus on East Coast swing, Lindy Hop, and Charleston. Admission is open to any enrolled ACU student. 

Third Culture Kids 

To provide fellowship and build relationships with students who have spent most of their formative years in two or more countries and or cultures.

Treadaway Kids   

Loving, motivated, kid-loving committed Christian ACU students please join!!  Treadaway Kids works with underprivileged kids (K-8th grade) in the Abilene area on a weekly basis to teach them the love and message of Christ through relationships built during worship, Bible studies/lessons, games, special events , and other activities.  Students and kids are split into different age groups where discussions, mentoring, life skill training such as: cooking, art, computers, reading, etc. and hands-on-activities, are used to create powerful lessons that highlight strong character traits and Christian ethics in everyday life. 

Tri Club 

The ACU Tri Club aims to increase interest in triathlons throughout campus and provide triathletes with community and support through training and competition.

Ultimate Frisbee  

The ACU Ultimate Frisbee team provides students with the opportunity to play competitive ultimate frisbee against other universities from around the country while fostering a Christian community within the team. The team attends approximately 6-8 tournaments per year on weekends and hosts several get-togethers including a Halloween party and end-of-the-year party.

Venturing Crew  

ACU Venturing Crew is an organization compose of students largely with a background in the Scouting movement and exists to promote service and high adventure activities.

Virtuous Sisterhood   

"We strive to build multicultural sisterhood through spirituality, leadership, and academic excellence."

Weekend Campaigns   

Every semester the Weekend Campaign Committee organizes three to four weekend campaigns that travel to various sites within a 6-8 hour driving radius of Abilene to serve and share Christ’s love with others. Weekend campaigns are comparable to mini-Spring break campaigns.

Wildcat Hockey   

The Wildcat Hockey Team represents ACU in the Southwest Collegiate Hockey League as a club sport. The team meets for weekly practices in Cal Young Park and competes in tournaments in Denton, Houston, Ft. Worth, Arlington, and Plano.

Wildcat Reign 

To provide students the ability to facilitate Wildcat pride on campus and serve as a linking point between students and Wildcat athletic events.

Wildcats for Life 

To inform and educate students on pro-life issues including abortion, euthanasia, stem-cell research and human cloning. Provide non-judgmental support and resources to women facing unplanned pregnancies and To encourage friendly dialogue among students regarding controversial life topics.

Wildcats for Sustainability 

To promote Christian stewardship through creating awareness, building wholesome relationships and through serving others in order to make a difference in the world for God's kingdom.

Wildlife Society 

To provide professional development and research and education experiences in wildlife and related fields.

Wishing Well    

Wishing Well seeks to raise awareness of and raise funds for drilling fresh water wells in rural regions of Africa, and to provide the necessary training in hygiene and well maintenance to provide a self sustaining method for improving living/health standards.

Women in Business   

Women in Business seeks to provide support and resources for female business majors; to allow them to have an opportunity to practice and develop skills vital to success in the marketplace; to give female business majors an opportunity to think about and discuss ways to strengthen their spiritual foundation prior to entering the workforce.