Prentis McCarty ('13) | Criminal Justice

prentis mccarty

Hometown: Houston, Texas

Over a year ago, the Royce and Pam Money Student Recreation and Wellness Center was completed and opened for student use. For senior criminal justice major Prentis McCarty, the center has become a place of change and goal-setting. 

"In 38 weeks, I have lost 99 pounds through the Rec Center," McCarty said, adding that he expects to reach his 100-pound goal by Friday. "The Rec Center has a great staff that knows about working out, the proper way to use weights, and are very knowledge about helping you get to where you want to be,"

McCarty decided last spring that he wanted to make a change to lose the weight and become more active.

"My friend asked me to run a half marathon with her, but my reaction was 'no thank you' at first," McCarty said. "Through a lot of help from her and other friends, I was able to run the marathon. But that wasn't the end for me."

How he did it

Prentis says he started working out slowly and built up to his current level. 

"I started out running for five minutes on the treadmill at 5.2 speed on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I went upstairs and got on the cycling bike for 10 minutes. I did those two things for three month. Each week I went up a minute and I pushed myself to make that run. I also went vegetarian and noticed that the weight was coming off faster." 

Eventually, he added weights to his workout, doing high repetitions with light weights. "I  learned that because I was overweight, I had to breakdown all my muscles in my body and rebuild them up," he says. 

He gives this advice to others wanting to lose weight: "Don't focus on the muscle's weight; focus on body fat weight. (Do) more cardio and less weights. I tell overweight people if you want the weight off, go vegetarian, making sacrifices. I had to make lots of them. So my secret is going vegetarian and picking one day out of the week to cheat. And do lots of cardio."

SRWC's many resources

With so many ways to exercise and have fun at the SRWC, it is easy to stay active. 

The 113,000-square-foot facility includes four basketball courts, three racquetball courts, a six-lane lap pool, a bouldering wall and a 41-station cardio center. It also has a leisure pool, snack bar and patio for student relaxation.  

The SRWC's mission statement expresses the desire to help students and faculty grow physically and emotionally. The center provides a place where students can go to stay involved and hang out with friends to relax. All ACU students have access to the state-of-the-art center.

"I have played intramural sports with my club," McCarty said. "I have played volleyball, basketball and softball; staying active in intramurals is so important."

McCarty's favorite way to work out is swimming in the lap pool. "I never have been the biggest fan of swimming, but it such a great full body work out," he said.

The SRWC has helped make McCarty's weight loss goal a reality and has helped him make a lifestyle change as well.                  

"The SRWC has been amazing to have on this campus, I'm thankful I had a year to use it before I graduate," McCarty said. "I have never been to a gym where people really care and will teach proper ways to work out. I'm going to miss the wellness center when I'm done with school. Everyone that I met there has been awesome, and I'm blessed to be at a school where people want to be healthy."

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