Policies and Procedures Handbook

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Important Notice

This handbook has been developed to ensure a safe, secure and comfortable recreational experience for the students, faculty, staff and the guest of ACU. The SRWC reserves the right to add, delete or adapt policies and/or procedures in the interest of safety and management.

Violation of these policies, procedures or other posted rules, malicious use of or defacing ACU property, solicitation, verbal abuse, and/or other violations as stated in the ACU Student Handbook, will be investigated by the Student Life Department and Campus Police.

Assumption of Risk

All participants assume the risk of participating in programs and activities in the SRWC. ACU is not responsible for financial costs related to health services resulting from ill health or injury incurred while participating. It is recommended that participants secure accident coverage prior to exercising or program participation.

All participants are required to sign a waiver. Minors (under 18) must have parental consent to participate. Furthermore, minors must have a parent with them at all times.

The following policies and procedures are based on industry standards:  

General Policies  

  • Users of the SRWC must be members and present a valid ACU ID.
  • An official SRWC waiver form must be signed prior to active participation.
  • Individuals with special needs should request assistance from the staff.
  • The elevator is only for the physically challenged and moving equipment.
  • Bicycles, skateboards, skates, and scooters are not to be used in the SRWC.
  • No pets all allowed in the SRWC except for Guide and/or Service animals.
  • All policies written in the Student Handbook & Planner will govern participant behavior.
  • Participants must be a full-time student at least 18 years old to participate without supervision.
  • Participants must be ACU students, faculty, staff, spouse, dependents, Emeritus, or approved guest.
  • Food is not permitted in any activity area, locker rooms, meeting rooms without prior approval. All food items must be consumed in the main lobby.  
  • Beverages in non-glass, sealable containers are permitted in the SRWC. The staff will determine if containers meet acceptable standards.
  • Entry to and exit from the SRWC must be through the main entrance. All other exits should be used only in the event of an emergency.
  • SRWC staff reserve the right to refuse entry or request individuals to leave for unsafe or inappropriate behavior.
  • No profanity, fighting, horseplay or other offensive or distracting behavior will be tolerated.  
  • No unauthorized group workouts are permitted. This includes varsity teams, clubs or the like. A group workout will be defined as three or more persons.  
  • Personal training for profit/personal gain is prohibited. All PT’s must receive prior approval before providing services.
  • Prior permission from the SRWC staff must be obtained to photograph any SRWC activity, program or participant.
  • No book bags, duffel bags or any clothing or extraneous personal items (shoes, jackets and the like) are permitted in activity areas. Please use available lockers for storage.

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Participant Behavior  

  • All participants should be mindful and respectful of others around them 
  • Participants must observe all posted signs and verbal directions provided by SRWC staff. 
  • Participants may not interfere with employee duties, use obscene language, or engage in verbal or physical abuse of employees or other participants. 
  • Use of drug, alcohol, and tobacco products are not permitted at the SRWC facilities. Attendees or participants identified as impaired will be removed from the SRWC. 
  • Attempts to use another member’s ID or provide a member ID for another's use violates University’s regulations. Consequences of ID violations will result in suspension from the SRWC.
  • Use of the SRWC for personal gain violates University policy relating to facilities, services, and solicitations, and is prohibited at all program venues. 
  • For sanitation and safety reasons, and to protect the facility and equipment, participants are required to wear appropriate clothing.
  • SRWC staff reserve the right to ask participants to leave the facility and deny access for violation of SRWC policies. Violation(s) require individual(s) to meet with a senior staff prior to using the facility.   
  • Situations or circumstances not covered in this handbook will be addressed and resolved by the SRWC senior staff.
  • Individuals that are removed from the SRWC will be required to meet with a senior staff prior to resuming access to the SRWC. At the conclusion of the meeting, the individual will receive written notification by the Executive Director of any applicable suspension. 
  • A participant may appeal the decision by filing a Disciplinary Appeal Form within (7) days of the date of the disciplinary sanction. It is the burden of the participant to provide concrete reasoning as to why the disciplinary action is too severe. All sanctions will remain in place through the appeal process. The acceptable standards for appeal are: harshness of sanction or lack of due process. 
  • Only one appeal will be granted and those appeals will be directed to the Associate Vice-President for Student Life.   
  • All appeals will follow the ACU Student Handbook and Planner.

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Safety & Security  

  • All participation is voluntary and users of the SRWC assume all risks when they take part in any activity. It is the responsibility of all participants to verify their own health, accident and injury insurance status and to consult with a physician prior to participating in active programs and activities. The SRWC does not provide health, accident & injury insurance.  
  • Waiver forms are available for download on the SRWC website. Signed waivers must be submitted to the Member Services Desk prior to participation.
  • We ask that participants report any and all concerns to the SRWC staff:
    • Unsafe facilities
    • Out of order equipment
    • Any leaks or spills
    • Participants who is not feeling well, or having difficulty performing an activity
    • Participants who is engaging in an unsafe activity
    • Any potential concerns you may have, so that we may investigate.
  • If you feel faint or light-headed, stop all activity immediately and seek assistance.
  • Martial arts weapons are prohibited unless approved by the SRWC senior staff.
  • Smoking, smokeless tobacco and alcoholic beverages are not permitted in the SRWC.
  • Lockers are available to store all personal items.
  • In case of an emergency, please follow the directions of the SRWC staff.
  • The SRWC facility should be used for its intended purpose. Modification of equipment or facilities is prohibited unless under the supervision of a SRWC staff.
  • Please ask for assistance if you are not familiar with the equipment or any activity being offered.
  • The SRWC is not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen personal articles.
  • Individuals should report incidents or theft immediately to ACU Police Department.
  • ACU ID’s are returned to the ID Office, located in the Depot on a daily basis.
  • Information regarding participant’s lost/found items is not provided via phone. Inquiries must be made in person at the SRWC Member Services Desk.
  • Personal toiletry items such as cleansing products, hair care products, razors, etc., are disposed of immediately due to sanitary health reasons 
  • Items of value, such as electronic devices, textbooks, clothing, footwear, wallets, keys, credit cards, jewelry, etc., are secured at the SRWC Member Services Desk. Unclaimed wallets and keys will be turned over to ACU Police Department on a weekly basis.

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Attire & Footwear  

  • Participants are required to wear appropriate attire: t-shirts, shorts, swimsuits, warm-up suits, sweat suits, and/or aerobics attire that cover the torso.
  • Proper athletic shoes are required. Open-toed shoes, sandals/flip-flops, turf shoes, cleats (spikes) are not allowed.  
  • Only non-marking soles are permitted on any hardwood floors.  
  • The SRWC staff will have the discretion to determine if attire is appropriate.
  • Participants wearing inappropriate attire will be asked to leave or change their attire to meet SRWC policy.
  • Swimsuits are only allowed in the Aquatic Center: 
    • Women: One piece or tankini type swimsuits are permitted, but no bikini cut swimsuits will be allowed.  
    • Men: Standard swim trunks or board shorts are permitted. No “briefs” type swimsuits will be allowed.

Important Notice: Participants are expected to dress with Christian appropriateness. Compression shorts, pants, tights and sports bras must be covered with another layer of athletic type clothing.

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Fitness Center  

  • There are inherent risks associated with lifting weights and cardiovascular exercises. Therefore, if you feel faint or light-headed, stop all activity immediately.
  • Ask for assistance if unfamiliar with the equipment and/or refer to instructions posted on the equipment.  
  • Chalk is not allowed in the free weight area.
  • Return weights to their racks after use.
  • Equipment must remain in designated weight room area.
  • Equipment may not be elevated, propped, or inclined.
  • Wipe off the equipment and monitor following each workout session.  
  • Limit your workout to (30) minutes when others are waiting.
  • Use of treadmill safety clip is highly recommended.
  • Drink containers (no glass) must have a screw on lids.
  • Users should be courteous and respectful of others. Allow people to “work in” between sets.
  • The machines and weights should be used with care. Dropping weights can cause injury and will damage the equipment.
  • If weights, pulleys, or other parts become jammed, users should not attempt to free them. Report all mechanical problems to the Member Services Desk.
  • Using weight “bar collars” and a “spotter” is highly recommended.

Important Notice: It is recommended that users attend a walk-through orientation session to learn how to properly operate the equipment, and to review the general policy for this area. Please refer to the SRWC website for a schedule of all orientations.

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Bouldering Wall  

  • There are inherent risks involved in climbing and bouldering activities. Therefore, if you feel faint or light-headed, stop all activity immediately.
  • Closed toed footwear, helmets and shirts are required to boulder. No bare feet.
  • Shoes and helmet can be signed-out at the Member Services Desk.
  • Please ask for assistance if unfamiliar with bouldering activities.
  • Active spotting and pad placement is required.
  • Only four climbers are allowed on the wall at one time.
  • During peak times, bouldering time will be limited to (30) minutes per participant.
  • Loose chalk is not permitted. Chalk use is limited to chalk ball and must be stored properly.

Important Notice: It is recommended that all bouldering wall participants attend an orientation session prior to participating. Please refer to the SRWC website for a schedule of all orientations.

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  • There are inherent risks involved in exercise. Therefore, if you feel faint or light-headed, stop all activity immediately.
  • All open recreation or games are on a first-come, first serve basis. Game play is regulated by the players.
  • Volleyball, badminton, pickle ball and soccer are available during designated times.
  • Drink containers (no glass) must have screw on lids.
  • Dunking, hanging on or “snapping” the basketball rim is not permitted.
  • Only athletic shoes with non-marking soles may be worn as footwear.
  • Hats are not permitted on gym courts during competitive play.
  • If others are waiting to participate, game play will be monitored by the SRWC staff.
  • ACU is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Day lockers and/or small kit lockers located in the gym are strongly encouraged to store valuables.
  • To set up for special recreational programs or events (volleyball, badminton, pickle ball, soccer, etc.), please see the Member Services Desk.

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Aquatic Center  

  • There are inherent risks for this activity. Therefore, if you feel faint or light-headed, stop all activity immediately.
  • Participants must follow all posted warning signs and direction of the lifeguard on duty.  
  • Swimming is only available when a lifeguard is on the pool deck.
  • All swimmers must shower before entering Aquatic Center.
  • Drink containers (no glass) must have screw on lids.  
  • Appropriate swimsuits must be worn at all times. Refer to the “Attire Policy”.  
  • T-shirts are acceptable at the Lifeguard’s discretion.
  • Please do not distract the lifeguards unless there is an emergency.   
  • Diving is only permitted in the deep end of the lap pool.
  • The Lap Pool is utilized for primarily for lap swimming along with open swim.
  • Diving is not allowed in the leisure pool due to the shallow-water depth.
  • Deck shoes may be worn on pool area deck - street shoes are not permitted.
  • Running on deck, pushing, horseplay and throwing people into the air is not permitted.
  • Chicken fighting (being on someone else’s shoulders) in the pool is not permitted.
  • Inflatable “water wings”, rings, and flotation devices are not permitted.  
  • Spitting, nasal discharge, urination, etc. in the pool is not permitted.
  • Kickboards and pull-buoys are available for lap swim only.  
  • No hanging on lane lines or dunking on the water basketball rims.  
  • Participants with communicable diseases or open sores are not permitted in the pool.
  • Swimming pool users share responsibility for controlling the spread of bacteria / parasites that cause waterborne disease such as Cryptosporidium (a gastrointestinal illness caused by parasitic protozoa) in recreational water venues.
  • Immediately report fecal contamination so that appropriate disinfection can be administered.
  • Prolonged breath holding underwater is considered a dangerous activity and is not permitted.
  • Children under 15 must have the ability to swim 25 yards (according to the lifeguard) or be accompanied by an adult swimmer within an arm’s reach while using the deep end of the pool.

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Locker Rooms  

  • Day lockers are available in the men’s and women’s locker room areas.
  • Locker users must provide their own lock.
  • Please use caution after showering. The floor may be slippery.
  • Cameras of any type (cell phone) are not permitted in the locker rooms.
  • Bath towel are available for purchase. Inquire at the Member Services Desk.
  • All rental towels must be checked out at the Member Services Desk with a special “Towel Card”. After use, all rental towels must be returned to the same location to secure the “Towel Card”. Lost cards or unreturned towels will result in a fee.  
  • Locks left on day lockers (non rental lockers) will be cut off and contents removed on a nightly basis. See Lost and Found policy.  
  • ACU is not responsible for lost/stolen or damaged items. Do not leave valuables such as jewelry, wallets, audio devices, or credit cards unsecured.
  • Semester locker rentals are available for purchase on a first-come, first-served basis throughout the year.
  • At the end of the rental contract it is the responsibility of the renter to clear his/her locker of personal items. If the rental locker is not cleared by the last day of the rental contract lock and contents will be removed and a clearing fee will be charged to locker holder. See Lost and Found policy.
  • Personal items left in lockers at the end of the rental contract period are held for one semester before being disposed of. Also, personal toiletry items such as cleansing products, hair care products, razors, wash clothes, etc., are not held, but disposed of for sanitary health reasons. See Lost and Found policy for more details.

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Racquetball Courts  

  • There are inherent risks associated with playing racquetball. Therefore, if you feel faint or light-headed, stop all activity immediately.
  • Protective eye-wear is highly recommended for play.
  • Racquets equipped with a wrist cord are highly recommended.
  • Only athletics shoes with non-marking soles may be worn as footwear.
  • Play is on a first-come, first-served basis. However, play should be limited to 1 hour if others are waiting to play.
  • ACU is not responsible for lost or stolen items that are left outside the courts. For your protection, please do not leave personal items outside the racquetball courts. Use of a day locker is strongly encouraged.

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  • There are inherent risks involved in exercise. Therefore, if you feel faint or light headed, stop all activity immediately.
  • Running/Walking traffic will move in the following direction:
    • Right:  Monday, Wednesday, Friday, & Sunday
    • Left: Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday
  • Slower traffic must keep to the inside lane.
  • No more than two individuals side-by-side on the track.
  • Standing still on the track is not permitted, unless a special event is scheduled.
  • Use caution by looking both ways before stepping onto the track.
  • Only athletics shoes with non-marking soles may be worn as footwear.

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  • There are inherent risks when participating in vigorous exercise activity. Therefore, if you feel faint or light-headed, stop activity immediately.
  • Class participants are required to scan their pre-paid “Group Exercise Card” prior to the start of class. On occasion, the instructor will take attendance.
  • Notify the instructor of any physical limitations you have before class begins.
  • Do not enter the studio more than (5) min. after a class has begun.
  • All class participants are encouraged to bring:
    • Towel
    • Drink container (no glass) with a screw on top  
    • Exercise mat
  • Please do not “reserve” equipment for a friend. Class participation is on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Please wipe off exercise equipment with a towel after you are finished.
  • Return all exercise equipment to the storage closet after use.
  • Only non-marking athletics shoes may be worn as footwear.
  • Stored equipment is not to be used without proper supervision.
  • ACU is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Please store any valuables in the day lockers or “cubbies” located inside the studio.
  • All bags, clothing and personal items must be placed in a day locker.
  • Do not lean on mirrors.
  • Contact the SRWC Member Services Desk at 674.6600 to request the use of the studio for special events. Court reservations can be viewed on the SRWC website.

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Equipment Check-Out/In  

  • Day use equipment is available for checkout with valid ACU ID.  
  • Day use equipment must be returned by facility closing on the same day to avoid replacement charge.
  • Some equipment is available for multiple day use - a deposit may be required. Multiple day use equipment is reserved in advance and returned on specified due date to avoid late return or replacement charges.
  • Lost, missing, and/or damaged equipment and/or property is subject to additional fees (as outlined in the rental contract) or may result in suspension from the facility and/or program participation. The SRWC staff will address and resolve the situation.
  • Rental equipment can checked out at the SRWC Member Services Desk by signing a rental contract. After usage, participants will be required to return the equipment to the Member Services Desk.
  • Equipment rental is the sole responsibility of the person who signs it out. Regardless of who used the equipment, it must be returned and signed in by the person who signed it out.

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Facility Reservations  

  • Requests to reserve the SRWC facility must be made on an official reservation request form and submitted in writing at least (10) business days prior to the event. Requests made less than ten business days are accommodated when possible.
  • A PDF of the facility reservation request form can be found on the SRWC website.
  • Each member of a group that reserves the SRWC facility must complete a waiver.
  • A response will be provided with 48 hours after a request SRWC facility reservation request form has been received. If confirmation is not received within five business days, contact the SRWC Administrative Office.
  • Changes to approved requests are to be submitted to the SRWC Administrative Office at least (5) days in advance. Requests made less than five business days prior to the event will be accommodated when possible.
  • The SRWC reserves the right to move a group to another space. Supervision fees may apply.
  • Concessions are not permitted to be sold or served without prior approval.
  • A list of rooms or recreation venues will be provided with associated rental fees.

Early Access & Extended Hours  

  • Requests requiring access to the SRWC beyond standard hours of operation require notice of at least (14) business days prior to event. An additional fee may be charged for facility use beyond scheduled hours of operation.


  • If the event is cancelled or changed, charges are assessed as follows: Eleven business days or more prior to event: No charge. Three days to ten business days prior to event: 100% employee costs. Less than three business days prior to event: 100% of full rental charges.

Scheduling a Meeting Room

  • All meeting rooms require scheduling through the SRWC Administrative Office.
  • Recognized student organizations requesting single event reservations will be approved by the SRWC Senior Staff Team.  

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Membership Fees  

  • A membership is required to use the SRWC.
  • ACU students who pay the Student Activity and Recreation Fee have membership through their student fees.  
  • Membership privileges include use of all activity areas, sweat towel, and day lockers.
  • A separate fee will be accessed for Group Exercise Class and Special Programming.
  • ACU students who do not pay the Student Activity and Recreation Fee are not eligible to purchase a membership.
  • Spouses and dependents are eligible to use the SRWC only if the employee becomes a member.

Spouse & Dependant Membership

  • Student, faculty and staff must accompany their spouse and/or children to the Depot to have a picture ID made. All members must sign a waiver prior to using the SRWC.
  • All members must present their ACU ID card to gain access to the facility.
  • Family membership expiration is concurrent with the separation from ACU.  
  • It is the students/employees responsibility to inform the SRWC if the relationship with their spouse has terminated.
  • Members who are over 18 years can utilize the SRWC without a sponsor being present. Family members who are under 18 years of age must have parental supervision and can only use the facility during Family Time (Saturday: 
    8:00 a.m. -12:00 p.m.)

SRWC Family Hours

  • All dependents must be signed-in by a parent using the Dependent Registry prior to entering the SRWC.
  • Dependents under 18 must remain with their parent at all times during Family Time. 
  • Youth (17 years or younger) are only allowed into certain activity areas during Family Hours. They include: Aquatic Center, Gymnasiums, Racquetball Courts, and the Track. 
  • The Fitness Center, Bouldering Wall, Group Exercise Studios and Classrooms are not available to those under 18 years of age. 
  • Youth (3 years old or older) must use gender appropriate locker rooms and be supervised by their parent at all times.

Please see Family Hours

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Guest Pass Privileges  

  • Each Department Chair will be issued a Guest Pass Card that can be used by ACU sponsored guest.
  • Each time the Guest Pass Card is used to enter the SRWC that Department will be charged $7.00.  
  • Before using the facility, the guest must present a valid photo ID and sign a waiver at the SRWC Member Services Desk.
  • Guest pass privileges include the use of all SRWC activity areas, day lockers & towel.
  • Guest pass holders may purchase additional services.  
  • Sponsors are responsible for their guest’s compliance with SRWC policies and for charges related to entrance fees and lost/damaged equipment.  

Payment Method

  • Membership payment for ACU employees can only be made by payroll deduction.
  • A payroll deduction form can be downloaded from the SRWC website.
  • All group exercise classes, specific special events and resale items need to be paid for separately at the SRWC Member Services Desk.


  • Requests for Membership refunds will be considered for separation from ACU or documented medical reasons. Refund requests will be reviewed by SRWC staff.
  • If payment was made by credit card, the refund is returned to the credit card. For purchases made by cash or check, processing may take up to four weeks for the refund to be processed.  
  • Refund requests may be made at the SRWC Member Services Desk. All refunds are assessed a processing fee. Prorated fees may apply.  
  • Cash refunds are not permitted by University accounting policy. Refund requests for classes are accepted before the start of the second class. Late registration fees will not be refunded.

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Personal Trainers  

  • Participants must schedule and pay for their appointments (48) hours in advance at the SRWC Member Services Desk.
  • Personal Training clients will be provided with a 45 min. consultation at the beginning of their first sessions. This is a safety requirement that is free to all new clients.
  • To request a specific personal trainer, please review the biographies and contact information posted on the SRWC website.  
  • Contact the trainer of your choice by e-mail, to set-up an appointment, will be the responsibility of the participant. 
  • All Personal Training appointments will be entered on the SRWC Google Calendar and will have one year to utilize personal training appointments from date of purchase.
  • Cancellations and changes are accepted up to (24) hours prior to the appointment. Please see Cancellation Policy.
  • Cancellations and changes made within (24) hours of the appointment and missed appointments will be charged in full.

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