Frequently Asked Questions  

What if I forget / lose my I.D. Pass?

In order to gain access to SRWC facilities or to participate in any program/activity you should:

  • Retrieve your ACU ID
  • Go to The Depot to have a new ACU I.D. made ($18)

Is there a "lost & found" area?

Occasionally items will be turned in to the member services desk and reported as a found item. Such items will be documented on a lost and found form. We will then notify you if the item(s) have been turned in.

If the item is an ACU I.D., when found, it will be placed in the lost I.D. box at the Member Services Desk. Each weekday morning we will deliver the I.D.’s to The Depot located in the McGlothlin Campus Center.

In the event that the following items are turned in, we will fill out a lost and found form then deliver the item(s) to the Administrative Offices:

  • iPhone or iPod Touch
  • Wallets
  • Cash

Can I bring a guest?

  • Guests are only permitted during open house events or when sponsored by an ACU Department.

Can I get a membership for a couple of weeks?

  • Memberships are reserved for ACU affiliates only

Are children allowed to use the Rec Center?

  • Yes, but only on Saturday between 8a.m. - Noon. Children must be accompanied by a parent.

I am only interested in using the pools. Can I purchase a pass for this?

  • Membership fees are are all inclusive with the exception of group exercise classes.

My lock won’t open. Who can help me with this?

  • The building supervisor is available to assist members.

How long is the indoor track?

  • 1/8 of a mile, (i.e. 8 times around is a mile)

Can the house music volume be adjusted?

  • The system is pre-programed and set by the collaborative leadership team.

Can you please tell me when my team plays for intramurals?

  • Please call the Intramural Sports Office at 325-674-2555

Do you have to be a member to enroll in the group exercise classes?

  • Yes, our group exercise classes are open to members only.  There is a $60.00 per semester fee to enroll in unlimited classes.

At mid-term, do I still need to pay full price for Group Exercise Classes?

  • At mid-term you may purchase unlimited classes for half-price.

Who do I talk to about swim lessons?

  • We do not currently offer this service.

What is a wet classroom?

  • This is the classroom that will be used by our water aerobics, scuba classes, lifeguard classes and swim classes for instructional sessions.

Does the leisure pool go outside?

  • No, both the leisure and lap pools are inside the SRWC.

What is a "wellness theme" and what will be happening for each theme?

  • Each monthly wellness theme highlights a component of Wellness. Each month a different wellness theme will be implemented through activities, events, and educational opportunities that will take place in the SRWC as well as other venues around the ACU campus.

Do you offer personal training services?

  • Yes, personal training services are available for our members. You will need to schedule an appointment.

How do I learn more about personal training?

Who do I talk to about group exercise classes?

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