Frequently Asked Questions 

General Information

What if I forget / lose my I.D. Pass?

  • In order to gain access to the SRWC, you will need to either: 1)Use your ACU ID at the card reader turnstile or 2) Register to gain access using the biometric hand key turnstile by visiting the Member Services Desk. 

    If you need a replacement ID, it may be purchased at The Depot in the McGlothlin Campus Center for $15. 

Is there a "lost & found" area?

  • Yes, please visit the Member Services Desk if you have lost an item in the SRWC.

Can I bring a guest?

  • Yes, any member may bring a guest for the cost of $5 per day/per guest. All guests must be over 18 years of age and must complete a SRWC Day Guest Pass Form and SRWC Waiver. Guests under 18 years of age may visit during family time as long as they are accompanied by a Parent who also purchases a day pass. All guests must have a current member sponsor complete their section of the the SRWC Guest Day Pass.

Can I get a membership for a couple of weeks?

  • No, all memberships are sold on a semester-to-semester basis. Halfway through each semester, memberships will be reduced to half-price.

At mid-term, do I still need to pay full price for Group Exercise Classes?

  • At mid-term you may purchase unlimited classes for half-price.

Are minors (those under 18 years of age) allowed to use the Rec Center?

My lock won’t open. Who can help me with this?

  • SRWC employees can assist you with this. Please visit the Member Services Desk for help.

Do you have to be a member to enroll in the group exercise classes?

  • Yes, our group exercise classes are open to members only. There is a $35 per semester fee to enroll in unlimited classes.

Do you offer personal training services?

  • Yes, personal training services are available for our members. To purchase your personal training session, please visit the Member Services Desk.

Aquatics Center

I am only interested in using the pools. Can I purchase a swim membership?

  • No, we do not currently offer a swim-only membership.

How long are the lanes in the swimming pools?

  • The lap pool lanes are 25 yards long.
  • The leisure pool lanes are 25 meters long.


How long is the indoor track?

  • The indoor track is 1/8 of a mile long. In other words, eight laps around equals one mile.

Intramural Sports

Can you tell me when my intramural team plays?

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