Standards of Conduct

Within the context of ACU’s mission and its determination to be Christ-centered, students are expected to develop and maintain a high standard of personal and behavioral values. These expectations include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Respect for the personal worth, dignity and rights of others.
  2. Respect for the right and necessity of ACU to develop and maintain a Christian atmosphere conducive to academic study and personal growth.
  3. Respect for ACU’s longstanding tradition of honesty, moral and ethical integrity, freedom of expression and open inquiry.
  4. Respect for the diverse backgrounds, personalities, convictions and spiritual traditions of students, staff and faculty who comprise the ACU community.
  5. Respect for local, state and federal laws and ordinances.
  6. Respect for the discipline, policy, procedures and authority established by ACU for the systematic management of university activities, the well being of the members of the university community, and the integrity of the institution.
  7. Willingness to offer service, support, guidance and friendship to others.
  8. Regard for the nature of a moral community by embracing the need to lovingly confront and hold accountable members of the ACU community whose conduct falls outside the boundaries of Christian behavior, university policy, and state and federal laws.

Violations of student conduct are sectioned into three categories based on seriousness and severity of the situation.  The most severe violations are Category 3 violations and the severity decreases as the continuum moves to Category 2 violations and then Category 1 violations.

The violations listed are not construed as all encompassing. The Dean of Students and other university officials are given discretion in addressing incidents of violation not listed.

All policies and regulations may apply to all students on or off campus and regardless of whether school is in session.

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