University Policies Impacting Judicial Affairs

In order to preserve moral community, it sometimes becomes necessary to confront and hold accountable members of the ACU family. Procedures have been designed to provide a loving disciplinary response, balanced by justice and mercy. Justice requires that those who violate community standards are held accountable, and those who are innocent are protected. Mercy requires an understanding that all people are fallen sinners in need of God’s grace and a mandate to encourage hope rather than condemnation. Therefore, discipline must be both corrective and restorative. The goal must be to redeem individuals and to restore relationships so that people can grow and develop in knowledge and grace. The purpose of the disciplinary response is:

• to redirect behavior,

• to protect the rights of others in the community,

• to encourage and teach responsibility, and

• to maintain a Christian environment compatible with the educational mission of the


All policies and regulations may apply to all students on or off campus and regardless of whether school is in session.