Non-Disciplinary Process/Administrative Agreements

In keeping with the redemptive nature of ACU’s disciplinary philosophy, students who come forward voluntarily confessing a violation of the university policies or an addictive lifestyle associated with a violation (such as illegal drugs and controlled substances, alcohol, sexual immorality, pornography, Internet abuse or eating disorders) to the Dean of Students, Director of Judicial Affiars, or other Student Life staff may be afforded an opportunity to submit to a range of possibilities outside the disciplinary process.

The university maintains the right to require the student to enter into professional counseling and/or medical treatment as a condition of continued enrollment if, in the judgment of the Dean of Students, the behavior in question warrants such a response. The following conditions must be met in order for students to take advantage of this non-disciplinary policy:

1. The student must take the first step by discussing his or her situation with the Director   of Judicial Affairs or the Dean of Students or other Student Life staff in order to develop an appropriate response. If a violation is identified or reported before the student voluntarily comes forward, the normal disciplinary process will ensue, and the student will no longer have the option of a non-disciplinary response.

2. The student must be willing to submit to any intervention deemed appropriate.

3. The student must understand that in cases where the behavior is repetitive, self destructive or endangering to others or involves legal issues, the university has the responsibility to take appropriate action, including suspension or dismissal from the university.