Chapel Attendance and Integrity Policy

The university desires that students engage Chapel as a significant experience in their educational and spiritual formation while attending ACU. "In keeping with the mission of the university, daily Chapel will be held as a part of the curriculum.  Regular attendance by undergraduates is required." (ACU Board of Trustees Policy Manual, Policy Number 2.7.4)

Chapel Attendance Procedures
Chapel meets daily, Monday through Friday, from 11:00 to 11:30 a.m. during the fall and spring semesters, except on university-approved holidays (Fall Break, Thanksgiving Break, Christmas Break, Martin Luther King Day, Spring Break, and Good Friday).  Chapel on the first day of classes during the fall semester is the official Opening Assembly for the university.

Attendance Requirements
Undergraduate students under the age of twenty-five are required to attend Chapel each semester of fulltime enrollment (12 or more hours), except when exempt from Chapel for one or more days during a given semester for student teaching, full-time enrollment in the Patty Hanks Shelton School of Nursing, or for some work related reasons.  BAS students are not required to attend Chapel.

Students are required to attend fifty-five (55) of the seventy+ (70+) Chapel programs scheduled each semester, unless otherwise exempt for one or more days per week for the above mentioned reasons.  Each regularly scheduled Chapel counts toward the fifty-five (55) Chapel credits required each semester.  Additional Chapel credits are offered to students who attend approved programs at alternative times (Chapel Forums, Summit, etc.).  These programs are approved by the Office of Spiritual Life and are listed on the Chapel web site (, including the number of credits offered for each program. Many students choose to attend Chapel five days per week. A student who accumulates just four Chapel credit per week will easily meet the fifty-five (55) credit requirement each semester.

Attendance Requirement Exemptions
Students approved to be exempt one or more days per week for some work related reasons have their required number of Chapel credits per semester adjusted according to the following scale:

Number of Days ExemptRequired Credits
0-1 days per week55 of 70+
2 day per week48 of 70+
3 days per week36 of 70+
4 days per week  24 of 70+
5 days per week  12 of 70+

Please note that students who receive a “5 days per week exemption” still have to earn a minimum of 12 Chapel Credits each semester. Twenty+ (20+) Chapel Forum Credits are offered each semester outside of the 11:00am Chapel time, so the minimum number of credits can be earned even if a student is required to work during the 11:00am hour each day of the week. 

Students are required to apply for exemptions each semester, and exemptions must be processed within the first three weeks of any semester, or within two weeks from the beginning date of any reason given for the exemption (new employment, diagnosed chronic illness, etc.).  Students must submit evidence of the reason for the exemption, e.g. letter from new employer on company letterhead, doctor’s note, etc. The process and required forms for exemptions are available on the Chapel web site (, and in the Student Life Office.  Students failing to submit an exemption by the appropriate deadline may fail to earn Chapel credit and be subject to further disciplinary action.

Attendance Registration
Attendance for Chapel in Moody Coliseum is registered by sliding a student ID through one of the card readers between 10:45 and 11:00 a.m. and again within 10 minutes after Chapel is dismissed.  A student must slide his or her card at the beginning and again at the end of Chapel in order to be counted present. Attendance is not registered for any student sliding in late or sliding out early.  An official from the Chapel Office slides an administrative ID card through a card reader after the closing prayer.  Any student who slides his or her card before this official time stamp will not receive attendance credit.

Attendance for approved Tuesday Campus Conversations, Departmental Chapels, Class Chapels, Small Group Chapels and Chapel Forums that meet outside of Moody Coliseum is registered by portable card readers or by signing in with the approved advisor.  Sign in sheets are processed within three class days after receiving them from the advisor of any small group or breakout Chapel. Credits from portable card readers post within two class days.

Consequences for Failure to Fulfill Chapel Attendance Requirements
Students are responsible for monitoring their own Chapel credits online in the myACU portal. The Chapel Office strongly recommends that students check their Chapel credit balance on a weekly basis. Students who have a question or concern about their credit balance are encouraged to contact the Chapel Office: come by the office (Room 29 of the lower level of the Campus Center), call (325) 674-2867, or e-mail Upon the completion of any semester, students who did not attain sufficient Chapel credits will be placed on Chapel probation and notified by email to their ACU email account during the week following the last day of finals. Students placed on Chapel probation may contact the Chapel Office with questions. This process is outlined in the email and also on the Chapel web site.  (

Chapel Attendance Probation
Chapel probation is in effect for the following full semester. During the semester of probation a student will be restricted from participation in certain extracurricular activities, including but not limited to all student productions, intramurals, leadership positions, and/or award nominations. Students who ignore this loss of privilege by participating in extracurricular activities while on Chapel probation will be subject to stricter sanctions up to and including suspension from the university. Graduating seniors who do not earn the required credits during their final semester will be subject to appropriate sanctions.

Chapel Integrity Violations  
Students are not permitted to slide someone else’s card to indicate Chapel attendance, slide their own card and not attend all of Chapel; or in the case of Small Group and breakout Chapels, sign their name and not attend or sign in for someone else who is not there. A “slide and glide” first offense will result in a mandatory meeting with the Chapel Office and may result in being placed on conduct probation. Upon a second occurrence a student will be placed on conduct probation and required to meet with the Office of Judicial Affairs. Subsequent “slide and glide” offenses may result in further sanctions up to and including suspension from the university.