Guidelines for Student Announcements and Publicizing on Campus

These are the current guidelines for publicizing on campus at Abilene Christian University, and are subject to change.


The primary mode for communication and publicity at Abilene Christian University is online through myACU. This is accomplished through student announcements and the student events calendar, located in the “@ACU” section of myACU. (For information regarding employee announcements, please contact Kim Dennis. Any student group wishing to post an announcement or advertise an event that will be intended for the entire campus population should submit announcement requests for myACU. 

If it is a student event, it will be posted on the student events calendar, imbedded in the “@ACU” section of myACU. Other announcements that are not events will be posted in the student announcement section. Activities that are not hosted by Abilene Christian University or affiliated organizations may submit events for the community events calendar on myACU. These will be posted at the discretion of the Director of Student Organizations and Activities.

Submit an announcement or student event for myACU.

Electronic Flyers

Students and university employees may post electronic flyers on the log in page for myACU. Only gif, png, and jpg files are accepted. Images must be 50k or smaller in file size and a maximum width of 360 pixels. The ad will be shown on a rotating basis for the duration of the time you have requested. If you choose not to submit a log-in ad but would still like to publicize via the TV in the campus center, please contact the Campus Concierge for powerpoint slide instructions. 


Members of the ACU community may post information in the Forums section of myACU, located in the @ACU section. The topics for posting include classifieds, entertainment, life at ACU, life in Abilene, news, spiritual life, sports, and technology.


Members of the ACU community may create powerpoint slides to run in Moody Coliseum before chapel. To submit a powerpoint slide, email your slide to with the dates you would like the slide run (keep in mind that chapel occurs in Moody on Mondays, Fridays, and some Wednesdays). Slides should be a minimum of 40 point font and in landscape position.

Campus Bulletin Boards and Kiosks

Campus bulletin boards and kiosks may be used to advertise campus events, meetings, or other University-related activities. Flyers or posters for bulletin boards should not be larger than 8 ½” x 11”. All flyers that are posted must be stamped and approved before they are posted. Approval can be obtained in the Student Life office or at the Campus Center Information Desk and each flyer must be stamped; flyers that are not stamped with the appropriate approval will be removed.

In order to post a flyer on the kiosk outside of McGlothlin Campus Center, you will need to submit your flyer to the Campus Center Information Desk. They will approve and stamp your flyer and then post it inside the locked bulletin boards by the following business day. You may submit up to 3 flyers, but only 1 may be posted if space is limited. Because of the limited space available, first priority will be given to promoting student events. Flyers may not be posted anywhere on the kiosk other than the appropriate bulletin boards. Classified ads will need to be posted on the bulletin board inside the campus center. 

After gaining appropriate approval, flyers may be posted at the following locations: 

  • Campus Center bulletin board
  • Kiosks located outside the McGlothlin Campus Center

Departmental bulletin boards should only be used after obtaining flyer approval by Student Life and then permission from the specific department.


Posters, flyers, sidewalk chalk, and any other form of advertising are not permitted on walls, sidewalks, windows, doors, stairs, railings, trees, trashcans, lamp posts, or any other location on campus outside of the designated bulletin boards or kiosks.

ACU Announcement Resources

For questions about publicizing on campus in any of the ways listed above, please email