Available scholarships:

About scholarships:

  • Deadlines represent risk dates. Students who apply after these dates may find they are eligible, but may not be awarded a scholarship due to limited funding.

 Transfer Merit Award


Undergraduates only, transferring to ACU with high academic standing.

How Much

Annually awarded based on cumulative GPA from all previous colleges.

4.0 - 3.25 = $5,000

3.24 - 3.0 = $3,000

How Long

Up to six long semesters while pursuing first undergraduate degree. Not available for summer terms.

How to Receive

Must be an admitted student. Must provide an official transcript of all classes prior to ACU.


First day of class for entering semester.


Minimum GPA to maintain scholarship is 3.0.

iSchool Scholarships 


Student must have applied and been accepted for admission to ACU and submited all documents for a technology or computing scholarship.

How Much

Ranges from $2000 per year to full tuition

How Long

The Scholarship pays a maximum of eight long semesters (fall and spring semesters for four years).  The scholarship my not be used for summer semesters. 

How to Apply

  • Submit a scholarship application form.
  • Submit proof of ACT or SAT scores (if not already on file with ACU Admissions Office)
  • Submit all high school or college transcripts (if not already on file with ACU Admissions Office)
  • Submit a 500 word essay on the following topic - "How Technology Influences My Life"
  • Apply and be admitted to Abilene Christian University by March 7, 2008.
  • The selection process includes a throrough review of all application items and the essay.
  • Application items and essay should demonstrate your interest, talent and commitment to the field of technology or computing.
  • Candidates receive higher award consideration for gpa, test score and commitment to the field of technology or computing.
  • Students will be notified of their standing.
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