Sophomore Housing Process: The Lottery

Greetings from Residence Life! We have constructed this information for those who either missed the informational meetings or who have questions about the sophomore housing process. Please refer to it as you have questions about the Lottery.

The process is simple; it consists of three manageable steps!

  1. Get your lottery number. Every student who will be in sophomore housing next year will be randomly assigned a lottery number by April 19. Your lottery number determines what time you will be able to go through the lottery line. Your number will come to your ACU email address. Be watching for it!
  2. Preregister for the Lottery. On April 23, 24, and 25, Residence Life will have tables set up in the Campus Center from 11:00AM-2:30PM. During these times, you will need to come preregister for the lottery. You will need two things to preregister.
    • Your valid ACU picture ID
    • Proof that you are registered for classes in the Fall of 2013. (You can print off your class schedule from banner, or look the information up on your phone or tablet and show us.) Register for classes and take care of any holds on your account before you preregister. They will prevent you from being able to participate in the lottery!

    Once we have seen these two items, we will give you a bracelet that has your lottery number on it. You will keep this bracelet on until you come to the lottery.

  3. Show up to the Lottery, April 25 starting at 9:30 p.m. in the SRWC.
A few other important details:

Everyone must attend The Lottery! Students who do not attend will be randomly assigned to sophomore housing.

Roommate Selection: There are three different ways that you can come to the lottery.

  • Without a roommate (going potluck)
  • With one roommate
  • In a group (details below)

We allow every lottery number to bring a group with them into housing. So, let’s pretend you have a group of 6 people who all want to live close together. Great! Let’s say everyone in the group received a lottery number higher than 500, except for you. You received number 25. In this scenario, your group (maximum of 6 including yourself) would be able to go through the lottery on number 25. Every member of your group should come to the lottery (with their bracelets) at the appropriate time for number 25. Don’t forget, everyone will need a bracelet in order to participate in the lottery.

Group size limits:       

Edwards, Sikes, Morris, Smith/Adams: Maximum group of 6

Barret: Maximum group of 4

Studying Abroad?

Students studying abroad in the Fall of 2013 will not participate in the Lottery.

Students studying abroad in the Spring of 2014 should participate in the Lottery.

Intentional Communities Program: an opportunity to serve!

See our Sophomore Housing Lottery page for more information.