Peter Ellwood

I graduated from ACU with an undergraduate degree in financial management in December 2008. I worked as an RA in Edwards Hall during the fall of 2007, and as the AD of Edwards from January to December 2008.

I could not have better memories of my experiences working in ResLife at ACU. I met some of my closest friends through ResLife, either because they were coworkers or residents in my hall. I have always thought working in ResLife is like living in a house, except you get to spend time with a greater variety of roommates, you have a greater opportunity to have a positive impact on those around you, and you don't have to pay rent.

Since graduating from ACU, I have been working at Accenture in Finance. I married my wife Kristen in March 2009 (we met our freshman year at ACU), we got a dog in April, and bought our first home together in October 2009. So far, I have been able to lay the foundations for what I hope will be a very successful career, and a very happy marriage.

I think that working in Residence Life had an incredible impact on my life while I was attending ACU, but perhaps even more so as I progress in my career and life. Here are some of the most important lessons I learned from ResLife that I still apply today:

  • How to differentiate yourself as a leader among your peers
  • How to work as a team, and the importance of delegation and cooperation
  • How to relate to and build relationships with a wide variety of individuals, and how to show the appropriate respect to each individual.

I put these lessons into practice every day in my career and my marriage. The leadership experience I gained in ResLife has been instrumental in establishing myself at Accenture. The experience I gained in relationships has helped me to be a more understanding, Christ-like husband. Working in Residence Life at ACU was an incredible blessing to me. It not only enhanced my experience at ACU, but it also helped prepare me to be successful in the rest of my life as well.

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