Purchasing Beverages

ACU has an exclusive agreement with the Pepsi Cola Corporation. This agreement has a potential financial benefit to the university. The contract allows for the sale or promotion of any product available only through Pepsi Cola on our campus. We ask your help and cooperation in honoring both the stated intent and the spirit of the contract.

We look forward to a great benefit to the university over the term of the contract. If you have questions about the product availability or product mix, or if you need ordering information, please contact University Purchasing at 325-674-2246 or purchasing@acu.edu. If you have other questions regarding this contract, please contact Anthony Williams at williamsa@acu.edu.

NEWS: Pepsi Contract Renewal

Business services is please to announce that effective June 1, 2012, ACU renewed its long standing partnership and contract with the Pepsi Cola Corporation and committed to a five year exclusive deal. The contract calls for exclusively Pepsi products be permitted on campus and that all drink orders go through the Warehouse for a stock request or Purchasing for special orders by submitting a Banner requisition. We ask for your continued help and cooperation in honoring both the stated intent and the spirit of the contract. If you have questions about product availability or ordering information, please contact University Purchasing at x2246 or purchasing@acu.edu.

What beverages are included as part of this contract?
All soft drinks, juices, bottled water and isotonic (sports) drinks are covered by this contract.

What products are available from Pepsi?
Pepsi products include all Pepsi ®, Dr Pepper ® and 7 UP ® products. In addition, a variety of juices, soft drinks and other beverages are available. See below for product information.

What about products produced by competitors?
Those products produced by competitors of Pepsi may not be purchased, sold, given away, advertised or promoted on campus. This includes products used at any function on campus or sold or given away as a convenience through personal or departmental refrigerators. You may bring a competitor's product to work with you for your own consumption at lunch or at break-time.

From whom can the contract beverages be purchased?
Contract beverages may only be purchased from Pepsi, Central Stores, any of our dining services, The Campus Store or vending machines. These beverages cannot be purchased from any other source by purchase order, purchasing card, or donation through reimbursement. See below for purchasing information.

What about advertising?
Bottling company advertising or promotion on campus is limited to the Pepsi Cola Corporation and its products. Other competitor companies may not advertise or promote their products on campus during the term of this agreement.

Purchasing and Product Information

Some Pepsi products will be available from the Warehouse. All other products will have to be ordered directly from the Pepsi Cola Corporation.

Contact University Purchasing for details on products available by e-mailing purchasing@acu.edu or calling x2246.