Purchasing Policies

The complete text of ACU's purchasing policies is in the Employee Handbook in the "Policy and Procedure" section as policy number 930. The policies are summarized below.

Purchases must be initiated with either a purchasing card or purchase order. Entering a requisition after the order has been placed or received is prohibited by ACU policy. The ACU Credit Card is the preferred method of payment.  

To purchase from on campus vendors, please use the following methods:

  • ARAMARK Campus Dining Services - PCard
  • WFF Management Services - Enter a requisition in Banner Finance for a purchase order.
  • Warehouse -Please fax all stores requests to x6731 using the stores order form.

Purchasing Card Policy 

The university reserves the right to terminate a cardholder's purchasing card at any time. Cardholders are responsible for ensuring the proper and secure use of their purchasing card and should respect the card as if it were their own. Cardholders are responsible for insuring that sufficient budget funds exist for making purchases and should only use account numbers that they have received appropriate authorization to use. Any misuse of the card or the PVS email statements (i.e. not in accordance with ACU policy) could result in suspension of the cardholder's privilege and other disciplinary action under standard university policy. The university reserves the right to change any policies or procedures stated in these guidelines. You will be notified of any changes made.