Use of PCard

The PCard will include the employee's name, Abilene Christian University and the expiration date embossed on the face of the card.  The sales tax exemption number is also printed on the card.

All requests for new PCards must be made by submitting a request form.

Several recommended uses of the PCard include:

Subscriptions, conference fees, registrations, all travel and entertainment, invoices, books, office supplies, furniture, shipping and capital expenditures.


Gift Cards, transactions that are considered taxable by the IRS, for example: independent contractors and medical expenses.

Capital Expenditures

Cardholders are encouraged to put Capital expenditures on the PCard.  The operational expense limit of $1,000.00 has been lifted.  The monthly spend remains at $5,000.00.  However, if you find that you are making large purchases that will exceed the $5,000.00 please contact University Purchasing or Accounts Payable for proper procedures in increasing your limit.

Year End

The PCard is the preferred method to make your year-end purchases.  The card is intended to replace the need for purchase orders when making operational and/or capital asset purchases.  It is important to note that all transactions posted to your May PCard will be documented and considered to be on the current budget year not the new fiscal year effective June 1.

Standing Order

Setting up a standing order to a vendor allows the buyer to place orders as desired using the same PCard number or purchase order all fiscal year.  (see the Purchasing with Banner Finance manual on the University Purchasing web site at

University Purchasing along with Accounts Payable has evaluated opportunities to leverage the overall expenses of the University by utilizing the PCard.  We are requesting you use your PCard in place of purchase orders for Standing Orders when possible.  If not, then requisitions in Banner will need to be entered in order to process a purchase order.  Standing purchase orders entered last fiscal year cannot be used this year, you must use your PCard or get a new purchase order to the merchant.