Utilize the PCard to procure travel and related expenses (i.e., conference registrations, hotel, airfare, hotel parking, etc.).

For all business travel and entertainment expenses the IRS requires the following information and must be documented on the back of the corresponding receipt (who, what, when and where).

1.  Date
2.  Merchant name and location
3.  Amount
4.  Purpose of travel
5.  Purpose for business meal
6.  Attendees and their business affiliation


JPM Chase Bank has increased their credit card security to better serve by taking extra measures in fighting and protecting you from fraud.   By doing so there has been an increase in “Holds” on PCard accounts.   They are monitoring our out of country transactions, on-line spend, and purchases made out of your normal purchasing habits.  If you experience a “Decline” or “Hold” on your card, or you are having problems getting a transaction to go through call the bank.  They will ask you questions and will need verification on transactions made.  The number to call is located on the back of the credit card.

Transactions Out-of-Country

If you are traveling out of the country or making purchases from a merchant out of the country call the bank and notify them ahead of time.   This will help the fraud division and “Holds” on your account.