PCard Security


JPM Chase Bank has increased their credit card security to better serve by taking extra measures in fighting and protecting you from fraud.   By doing so there has been an increase in “Holds” on PCard accounts.   They are looking and monitoring for out of country transactions, on-line spend, and purchases made out of your normal purchasing habits.  If you experience a “Decline” or “Hold” on your card, or are having problems getting a transaction to go through call the bank.  They will ask you questions and will need verification on transactions made.  The number is located on the back of the credit card.

Transactions Out-of-Country

If you are traveling out of the country or making purchases from a merchant out of the country call the bank and notify them ahead of time.   This will help the fraud division and “Holds” on your account.

It is the cardholder's responsibility to safeguard the PCard and the account number at all times.  The cardholder must take reasonable precautions to protect the card and the account number from loss or theft.

Orders can be placed in person, by phone, via fax, by mail, or via the internet.  If the internet is used, make sure it is a secure site or place the order by phone.

TIP: To know if a site on the internet is secure, there will be a display of a closed padlock in the status bar, location at the bottom of the web browser.

When placing an order, make sure:

1.  The purchase is tax exempt if possible.  If the vendor needs the Tax Exempt Identification number it is printed on the PCard. If the vendor needs a Tax Exempt Certificate please fill out the form and fax it to the vendor.
2.  The merchant gives the University any applicable discounts.
3.  Give your name as it appears on the PCard.
4.  Give your accurate cardholder address and delivery information.
5.  Request documentation showing itemized description, cost, merchant information, and date.

When the merchant requests a "billing address", they are trying to match the information on the file at the bank with the accurate cardholder information.  If there is not a match your transaction could be declined.