Splitting Transactions

When you have a transaction that you would like to split among different FOAPs, follow the steps below:

1. After logging into SDOL (JP Morgan’s Smart Data On-Line website), select the Financial tab.

2. Select Account Summary.

3. Select Date Range > Posting Date > select the calendar dates of the month (for example, for April you would select April 1 through April 30) and then click View.

4. You will now see the charges that occurred on your card for the month selected. There is an icon to the left of each charge that appears to be two receipts next to each other. If you hover over this icon, it says Split Transaction. Click this icon.

5. Select the number of splits you would like to produce and press Create.

6. From the Split By drop down list, select Percent or Amount.

7. You can enter the split as a Debit or Credit, allowing you to record credited items of a transaction such as a return.

8. Enter the Amount or Percent for each split line.

8a. If the total amount does not balance, a warning icon will appear next to the Split Totals.

8b. Click Add Split to add additional lines.

8c. Click Unsplit to unsplit the transaction.

8d. If you do not use all of the split lines, click the red X to remove the line.

8e. If the splits are balanced when you click Apply, empty rows will automatically be removed.

9. Add an Expense Description for each split line, and click Apply to save your changes.

10. Click Back to Transaction Summary Screen to return to the previous menu.

11. There is an icon to the left of each split you just created that appears to be red gridlines with a blue checkmark. If you hover over this icon, it says View Account Codes.

12. By clicking this icon, your default FOAP will appear. From here, you can change the FOAP for each split line. Once you are satisfied with your changes, select Apply.

13. Once you have verified that the transaction is valid and you have applied the appropriate descriptions and FOAPs, checkmark the box under Cardholder Reviewed. This will lock the transaction and prevent further editing. If you need to change a FOAP or description after you have checked Cardholder Reviewed, please call a p-card administrator to unlock the charge.

14. Once you are satisfied with your split, please log out of SDOL.