Each cardholder has a default FOAP that is initially charged to each p-card transaction. If a p-card transaction should be applied to a different FOAP other than the default FOAP, the reallocation must be completed by 5 p.m. on the 3rd business day of the month following the month in which the charge occurred. P-card transactions are only posted to Banner once per month, usually by the 4th business day of the month following the month in which charges are incurred. It is important that all cardholders ensure that each charge has a valid FOAP applied to it.

Below are the steps for reallocation, inputting descriptions, and reviewing your monthly transactions by checking Cardholder Reviewed:

1. After logging into SDGen2, select the Financial tab.

2. Select account summary.

3. Select your name or (for administrators) search for the card you would like to make allocations for.

4. Select Posting Date > select the calendar dates of the month (for example, for May you would select May 1 through May 31), then click Search.

5. You will now see the charges that occurred on your card for the month selected. There is an icon to the left of each charge that appears to be a red circle with two greater than signs. If you hover over this icon, it says Accounting Details. 

6. By clicking this icon, you can type in the business purpose of the transaction next to Expense Description. 

7. Your default FOAP will also appear. From here, you can reallocate the transaction to the appropriate FOAP. 

8. Once you have verified that the transaction is valid and you have applied the appropriate description and FOAP, checkmark the box under Cardholder Reviewed. This will lock the transaction and prevent further editing. If you need to change a FOAP or description after you have checked Cardholder Reviewed, please call a p-card administrator to unlock the charge.

9. Once you have completed your reallocations and expense descriptions, log out of SDGen2.