Expense Reports

If the cardholder has transactions for the month, the cardholder must review and submit a completed expense report to Accounts Payable. If a cardholder believes there are no charges on his/her account for the month, he/she should still review the expense report to ensure no unauthorized charges were posted to the account. The expense report should be accompanied by corresponding receipts, a business purpose for every transaction, and appropriate signatures. The expense report should be completed and submitted to Accounts Payable by the 14th day of the month following the month in which transactions occurred. If the 14th falls on a weekend, the expense report will be due by the previous Friday.

How to prepare your p-card expense report:

  1. The preferred method of preparing receipts is to place them on a sheet of paper in order of the purchase date and tape them all securely to the sheet of paper.
  2. Review each transaction to assure the legitimacy of the purchase.
  3. Itemized receipts are needed showing details of items purchased for all charges over $25. However, for lodging, air travel, rental car, other travel expenses, and meal expenses, an itemized receipt must be obtained regardless of the amount.
  4. For meals and items purchased on behalf of another, include a list of attendees and their business affiliations.
  5. For fuel charges, indicate if the fuel was put into a rental or ACU vehicle (fuel for a personal vehicle may not be purchased using the p-card).
  6. A business purpose must accompany each charge. This information must be provided on the Expense Description line of the expense report.
  7. For international transactions, please write the U.S. dollar equivalent next to the receipt.
  8. The cardholder's signature is required.
  9. The supervisor’s signature is required.  Stamp signatures are not allowed. If a supervisor or authorized signer is not available for signature, the supervisor can approve through email (a print out of the email should be attached to the expense report) or the report should be sent one step up to the supervisor’s superior.

The following steps are for printing your expense report:

1. After logging into SDOL (JP Morgan’s Smart Data On-Line website), click on the Reports tab at the top of the screen.

2. Under Report Selection, select Expense Report.

3. Under Report Format, select Print Version.

4. Under Date Criteria, select Date Range, Posting Date, and then select the calendar dates to view (for example, in April you would select April 1 through April 30).

5. Under Report Filters - Review Status, select All and then click Run.

6. A pdf file will pop up with your expense report.