A Receipt is:

  • A card transaction slip from the merchant
  • A packing slip showing total cost of order and/or cost
  • Order forms for dues, subscriptions, registrations or similar items
  • Vendor Invoice (cannot be issued in an individual's name but should for example: Abilene Christian University, Jane Doe is acceptable.)
  • An email confirmation from the merchant is also acceptable

It is important that a receipt have all the following information:

1. Name of merchant

2. Date

3. An itemized list of item purchased

4. Unit Cost and Total Cost 

Please note: Receipts with just a Total Cost without an itemized description indicating what was purchased are not acceptable. ALL receipts must be detailed.

In the event that the original documentation is lost or not obtainable, please notify the merchant and try to obtain one or make a receipt.  In doing so, please include name of merchant, date, an itemized list of items purchased, and total cost.  One rule is to remember WHO, WHAT, WHEN and WHERE.

If a transaction is greater than $100.00 please be sure to have a receipt for this purchase.   If the receipt is lost, contact the vendor and request one.   A missing receipt explanation is not allowable.   If the purchase is less than $100.00 and the receipt is missing you may provide a missing receipt explanation.

All meal receipts must include the details of the meal.   Please send both the detail copy and the copy showing the total.   There are a few smaller places that do not provide details, however, the majority of food and beverage places do provide a detailed receipt.   All meal receipts mush show the business purpose of the meal.   "Department Meeting" is not enough detail for auditing purchases.  Document what was discussed at the meal.  For example, "Event staff meeting to discuss parade of flags".