Denied Purchase at Point of Sale

There are occasions when a cardholder may attempt to purchase items and the transaction on the PCard may be denied.  In most cases, the information regarding the reason for denial will be available at the time the purchase is attempted.  Some of the most common reasons for denial are:

1.  The purchase amount is greater than the cardholder's available limit.  The purchase may
     place the cardholder over their authorized limit.  In this case, please notify the PCard
     Administrator for proper instructions on increasing PCard limits. 

2.  The card reader at the Merchant is not working properly.  In this case, please request
     that the Merchant phone the bank for authorization.

3.  Vendor asked for the billing address and the information provided by the cardholder
     does not exactly match that on file with the bank.

4.  Cardholder did not activate the PCard.

5.  Merchant is classified under a merchant category code (MCC) that is blocked from use.

6.  On phone orders, vendor has incorrectly noted the card number and/or expiration date.

7.  The transmission between the vendor and the bank is down. (Vendor should try again