Lost or Stolen PCard

If a PCard is lost or stolen, the cardholder must immediately notify JPMorgan Chase and University Purchasing or Accounts Payable by calling:

JP Morgan Chase Customer Service

For 24 Hour Card Member Service call 800-890-0669.  From outside the U.S. call 847-488-3768.  For Fraud Division assistance call 866-300-4911.

For ACU PCard Administrative assistance please email pcardhelp@acu.edu, or call 673-2246 or 674-2774.

Smart Data On-line (SDOL): https://sdol.mastercard.com/jpmorganchase

ACU Purchasing Card Maintenance/Account Allocation

Sandra Hall - University Purchasing Manager & Purchasing Card Administrator

Geoff Klafter - University Purchasing Assistant

ACU Box 28202
Phone: (325) 674-2246
Fax: (325) 674-6731
Email: pcardhelp@acu.edu or purchasing@acu.edu

ACU Purchasing Card Payments/Statement/Account Allocation

Meredith Morgan - Accounts Payable Manager & Purchasing Card Administrator

ACU Box 29110
Phone #:  (325) 674-2785
Fax #:  (325) 674-2927
Email:   pcardhelp@acu.edu or aphelp@acu.edu

Helpful information needed when reporting should include:

1.  Cardholder Name
2.  PCard Account Number
3.  Estimate date of Loss/Stolen
4.  A list of last transactions made
5.  Any other pertinent information

Replacement Card

A replacement card should arrive within seven (7) to ten (10) business days of the request for replacement.  If the original PCard is found after it has been replaced, the cardholder should cut up the original PCard and trash it.

Termination of Cardholder

In the case of termination of a cardholder the PCard account will need to be closed.  University Purchasing or Accounts Payable must immediately be notified.  The PCard should be cut up and trashed.