Shades Step Squad


As a mission, we use our talents to reach out and minister to people.  While stepping plays a central role in what we do, “SERVICE” is the key to our organization.  The name SHADES is used because our group is comprised of many different cultures and backgrounds.  SHADES promotes and represents racial and ethnic harmony among all races, nationalities and religious affiliations. 


SHADES is a multicultural student organization that exhibits a form of expression through stepping. SHADES Step Squad is an organization whose purpose is to provide clean, fun entertainment and promote diversity through the art of Stepping while serving God at the same time. Stepping involves rhythmic movement that uses both the hands and feet. It ranges from fast, energetic, rhythmic movements to slow, purposeful, stylistic movements. Today, Stepping is very popular on college campuses, church youth groups, and all over the world. For over a decade, SHADES has promoted diversity and unity on the campus of Abilene Christian University.


  • Welcome Week
  • ACU Homecoming Parade
  • Ethnos: Culture Show
  • Fall Preview Show
  • Sing Song
  • Annual Spring Show
  • Black History Production
  • Other ACU events
  • Local communities, churches, and schools
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