Hispanos Unidos

The mission of Hispanos Unidos is to foster the success and development of the Hispanic student body by creating a cultural community that encourages involvement and inclusion, while simultaneously upholding Christian morals and policies of Abilene Christian University.

The Hispanos Unidos student organization was founded by a group of concerned students whose purpose was to provide representation and inclusion for Hispanic students. This organization began in 1991 and continues today as an official Abilene Christian University student organization.

Who We Are / What We Do

The goal of Hispanos Unidos is to unify an underrepresented culture of students on the campus of Abilene Christian University. Our main goal is to provide a sense of community and support for all of its members; our organization also seeks to:

1. Honor and glorify God.

2. Foster a sense of community by enhancing the social, intellectual and cultural life across campus.

3. To be servants to the community and to members of Hispanos Unidos.

4. To be aware of the views of our members and bring awareness to matters of interest on their behalf and represent them to the best of our ability.

5. Represent a multitude of Hispanic cultures.

6. Break down cultural barriers between students, by enriching and including those of cultures different than our own.

7. Not only to provide a place for people with ties to the Hispanic culture to feel at home, but also to provide an opportunity for those of different cultures to experience something new and to grow from it, culturally, as a result.

8. Develop fun and meaningful activities that will promote fellowship and a sense of community.

9. Publicize to gain support and notoriety, increase the extent of our impact on and off the campus, and to strengthen our organization’s legacy.

What to Expect
Members can expect to find a safe place to maintain and develop their Hispanic culture, to learn more about the Hispanic heritage, and to create and participate in cultural events such as Entra La Plaza, small group chapel, Cinco de Mayo, and Burrito Days.


PresidentAna Arango
Vice PresidentPaloma Cavazos
TreasurerMathew Molina
SecretaryKendra Oregon
Event CoordinatorMelissa Kichura
Ad/PRItzel Garcia de Alba
HistorianPablo Hernandez-Huerta
ChaplainAriel Morillo


Dr. Patricia Hernandez, an original founder of HU
Dr. Beatriz Walker
Dr. Ronald Morgan

Annual Events:

Fall - Entra a la Plaza
Christmas Party
Spring - Tortilla Devos
BBQ Party/Retreat

Additional Involvement:

ETHNOS - a cultural event put on by the International Students' Association (ISA)
Student Life Interest Fairs - geared toward prospective students
Students' Association Student Organizations Fairs - geared toward current students

Signature Events

Learn more about the signature events that we host weekly throughout the year!

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