Hispanos Unidos

The mission of Hispanos Unidos is to foster a greater understanding and appreciation of the Hispanic people and culture by all ACU students, faculty, staff, and administration. To create a personal and loving relationship with Jesus Christ, and to establish opportunities for all ACU Hispanic students to follow His example in becoming Christian servants to the ACU community, Abilene, and the world.

What to Expect
Members can expect to find a safe place to maintain and develop their Hispanic culture, to learn more about the Hispanic heritage, and to create and participate in cultural events such as Entra La Plaza, small group chapel, Cinco de Mayo, and Burrito Days.

Hispanos Unidos (Hispanics in Unity) was established as an ACU student organization in the fall of 1991. Membership is open to all ACU students. Organizing sponsors were: Bob Gomez, Admissions Departments and Dr. Pat Hernandez, Department of Biology.

Officers and Advisors

  • President: Ana Arango
  • Vice President: Paloma Cavazos
  • Treasurer: Mathew Molina
  • Secretary: Kendra Oregon
  • Events Coordinator: Melissa Kichura
  • Public Relations: Itzel Garcia de Alba
  • Historian: Judith Barajas
  • Chaplain: Ariel Morillo
  • Worship Leader: Ashley Alvarez
  • Advisors: Dr. Hernandez, Dr. Walker and Dr. Morgan
Signature Events

Learn more about the signature events that we host weekly throughout the year!

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