International Students Association


The mission of I.S.A. is:

  • To support ACU's international students & to cater to their needs.
  • To promote cultural awareness, appreciation, and harmony through interaction and activities open to all students at ACU. 
  • To provide an atmosphere in which each student involved in ISA can have an opportunity to grow spiritually, academically, and socially.
  • To guide students by leadership through service.

Officers for 2014-2015:

PresidentDenzil Lim
Vice PresidentEdison Zhu
Executive AssistantGuinia Wooden
TreasurerFiama Molina
SecretaryShawn Yap
AdvertisingNicole Spooner
Public RelationsConstance Tang
Event CoordinatorElizabeth Philips
ChaplainMonica Bae
PhotographerHao Yi Kok


  • Ethnos (Culture Show)
  • International Food Festival

Officer Positions and Roles:

  • President: The president will be in charge of making executive decisions and heading the leadership role of ISA. He or she must represent ISA in a responsible manner. Responsibility ultimately lands on the president. He or she may delegate roles to the different officers, must interact with leaders of other organizations, and lead all meetings.
  • Vice-President: The vice-president will be the understudy of the president, co-leading and assisting the president in all duties. He or she is responsible for decisions made in conjunction with the president, handles administrative duties, and co-leads all meetings with president.  
  • Treasurer: The treasurer is financially responsible for ISA’s budgets with accountability to the president, the vice-president, and the adviser. He or she must do budgeting for events, attend SA meetings, and work together with other officers in ISA during events and planning to meet budget limits.
  • Chaplain: The chaplain must plan, organize, and lead chapel. He or she must be people oriented and must work together with other officers in ISA during events and planning.
  • Secretary: The secretary must type thorough minutes for all ISA meetings, make room reservations for meetings and events, and organize and send emails to officers. (This does not include the newsletter and social media.)
  • Advertising Officer: The advertising officer is the social media liaison. He or she is in charge of the ISA weekly newsletter, social media platforms such as Facebook, must design flyers, print and distribute them, and promote events.
    *Requires designing skills with software.
  • Public Relations Officer: The public relations officer is in charge of coordinating events and delegating responsibility to officers during events. He or she must take  photographs to record events, manage volunteers, be people oriented, serve as host or hostess, and is the second face/representative of ISA.
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