Chinese Students' and Scholars' Association



The Chinese Students' and Scholars' Association is devoted to:

  • Provide the support and fellowship needed to assist Chinese students' and scholars' academics and everday life at Abilene Christian University;
  • Promote the development of a Chinese community;
  • Facilitate a better understanding of Chinese culture and customs.


CSSA has a specific focus on serving Chinese students and scholars, who are half a world away from their homes. This organization will aim to foster a kindred spirit amongst students who are inclined tot expand their interpersonal network, both academically and socially. CSSA will strive to be a passionate organization raising interest and awareness of Chinese traditional and modern culture towards the ACU student body through cultural events and activities of various kinds.

Officers for 2009-2010

President: Joe Jiang
Vice President: Leo Song
Treasurer: Scott Gao
Advertiser: Con He
Public Relations: Jason Huang
Administrative Assistant: Yue Gao
Academic Counselor: Yi wang
I.T. Coordinator: Bruce Lu
Sports Director: Keith Wu
Founder: Rachel Sui

Signature Events

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