Sending or Receiving Faxes

Need to send or receive a fax?  Mail Services is the place for you!

Sending a Fax

You can a send a fax at any time during our regular window hours. We will send your fax while you wait and return your originals to you. If you don't have a cover sheet, we have them available at no extra charge.

DestinationPrice per Page
Plus Sales Tax
Local$ 0.40

Receiving a Fax

Our fax number is 325-674-6533. Incoming faxes are $0.40 per page plus sales tax. Faxes may be sent to any students at ACU, whether or not they have a mailbox. Within one hour of receipt we will:

  • Call the recipient, if the cover sheet has a local Abilene telephone number for the recipient on it.
  • Put a call notice in the mailbox, if the recipient has an ACU mailbox. 


Questions about sending or receiving a fax? Contact us at 325-674-2530