Temporary Forwards

Temporary forwarding of your mail is available anytime of the year, starting and ending on the dates you choose.  The minimum length of time we will forward your mail is two weeks and the maximum is 12 months.  The charge, if any, to have your mail temporarily forwarded is explained in the Mailbox Rent or Reservation Fee section below.

Your U.S. Mail will be forwarded using the Postal Service's forwarding regulations.  Shipments via the small package carriers (e.g. FedEx, UPS) will be returned to the carrier with your temporary address.  Campus mail will be returned to the sender with your temporary address.

For family mailboxes, we assume that the temporary forward applies to all family members unless we receive written instructions to the contrary.

You may temporarily forward your mail by:

  • Completing a Mailbox Status Form in person at our window during regular business hours.
  • Printing out a Mailbox Status Form  image (PDF file, 36 KB), completing it and sending it to us. The form can be mailed, faxed or scanned and emailed to us.  We must have the student's signature on the form.

Mailbox Rent or Reservation Fee

Whether you will be charged the regular mailbox rent rate, the mailbox reservation fee or no charge at all for a term in which you have a temporary forward is based on the following:

  • No charge is made for temporary forwards during all or part of the summer if the mailbox was rented for the preceding fall and spring semester.
  • No charge is made for temporary forwards during all or part of the Christmas holidays.
  • The mailbox reservation fee only applies for a term if both of these conditions are met:
    • The mailbox was rented for the preceding term (fall or spring semester or summer).
    • The mail is temporarily forwarded starting before the first day of the term* and the mailbox is not reopened for mail until after the last day of the term*.
    If  both condition are not met, then the regular mailbox rent rate will apply for that term.

* The term dates are:

TermStart DateEnd Date
Summer 2010May 10, 2010August 13, 2010
Fall 2010August 23, 2010December 10, 2010
Spring 2011January 18, 2011May 13, 2011