Mailbox Rent

Occupant Mailbox Options Fall or Spring
Single Students
(per person)
Small mailbox

$ 39.00
Medium mailbox

$ 60.00
Married Students
or Those with Children
(per mailbox)
Small mailbox
Medium mailbox

$ 38.00


Summer mailboxes are free if student has paid for a fall and spring mailbox.

A mailbox reservation fee of $10 will be charged instead of mailbox rent if a student has a temporary forward during an entire term if the conditions on the Temporary Forwards page are met.

Fall and Spring Rent

Fall and spring semester rent is charged to your student account at the beginning of each semester. If you are not enrolled in any classes, we cannot charge your account and you will receive a notice from us with the options you have.

Summer Rent

Summer rent is free if the mailbox was rented for the preceding fall and spring semesters. Summer rent is a flat rate for any length of rental during the summer and is due at the time of mailbox assignment.

Rent Refunds

You must close your mailbox before the first day of the fall or spring semesters to avoid being charged rent for that semester. When a mailbox is closed on or after the first day of the fall or spring semesters, the rent will be refunded based on the date we receive the written notice and ACU's tuition refund schedule:

Fall or Spring Semester
100%1st day of class through the 5th day of class
80%6th day of class through the 12th day of class
60%13th day of class through the 15th day of class
0%16th day of class through the end of the semester

The mailbox reservation fee and summer mailbox rent are a flat rate and are not refundable. 

Moving Fee

There is a $10 fee for moving from one mailbox to another. The fee along with any additional mailbox rent is due at the time the new mailbox is assigned.