Frequently Asked Questions about Mailbox Assignments

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Do I have to have a mailbox?

A mailbox is required for all students living in the residence halls or Sherrod Residential Park. Everyone living on campus must have a place on campus to receive mail. A mailbox is optional, but we highly recommend one, for those living in University Park Apartments or off campus.

When are mailboxes assigned?

Mailboxes are assigned when you apply to us in person or send us an application through the mail. The Mailbox Application Form is available on our Opening a Mailbox page. Since we offer several different mailbox options, we do not pre-assign mailboxes for future incoming students.

For mailboxes opening:

  • At assignment – You can apply in person at any time during our regular business hours or submit an application at any time.
  • For a future term (i.e. during the summer, apply for a mailbox for the fall) – There are specific assignment dates when you can apply, please see our Opening a Mailbox page.

What types of mailboxes are available?

There are four different mailbox options.  All mailboxes have combination locks.  We offer two sizes of mailboxes – small (3½” x 4½” x 14") and medium (11" x 6" x 14").  Most students are in a small mailbox.

We also offer two types of occupancy – private (you are by yourself) and shared (you share with one other person).  Private mailboxes are limited, 70 percent of all mailbox occupants must share a mailbox.

How are shared mailboxes assigned?

The mailbox partners for the shared mailboxes are randomly assigned.  We recommend that you not share a mailbox with your roommate or boy or girl friend.

How does it work sharing a mailbox?

The mail for both people is boxed in the same mailbox and you only take your mail and leave the other person’s mail in the mailbox.  It is extremely rare for there to be any problems with the mailbox partner taking the other person’s mail.

What happens if I want to share a mailbox with someone in particular?

If you want to be in a mailbox with someone in particular, both of you must apply for the mailbox together at the same time.  However, we cannot guarantee that we will have an empty shared mailbox available.  Only occasionally do both mailbox occupants leave at the same time.

If both of you will not be in Abilene at the same time, you may apply for a mailbox through the mail by mailing both applications together to us.  The Mailbox Application Form is available on our Opening a Mailbox page.

If I have a small mailbox, can I still receive packages?

Yes, oversized mail that will not fit in the mailbox and mail requiring a signature at delivery is kept at Mail  Services and a call notice is placed in your mailbox.  This mail can be picked up at our window during regular business hours.

How much is mailbox rent?

Student mailbox rent is priced per person per semester.  Family mailbox rent is priced per mailbox per semester.  For the current rent prices, please see our Mailbox Rent page.

When can I start receiving mail in the mailbox?

You may start receiving mail after the date that will be on the Mailbox Assignment Form you will receive.  Mail received before this date may be returned to the sender as you will not be in our records.

What happens if I lose my combination?

You may get your combination at our window during regular business hours.  You will have to present photo identification to get your combination and we will only give you the combination to your mailbox.

What is my address?

Your address and the instructions on its use will be on the Mailbox Assignment Form you will receive.  The basic address format and instructions are also on the Address Format page.

How do I ship my belongings to ACU before I arrive in Abilene?

If you need to ship your belongings to ACU before you arrive, send them to yourself at your ACU mailbox.  If the shipment will arrive before the date you can start receiving mail, you must make prior arrangements with Sharon Perry at 325-674-2709 or Please note the following:
  • We usually receive several hundred large packages around the time classes start and our storage space is extremely limited. If you can spread out shipping your packages, we would appreciate it.
  • You are responsible for moving your packages from the McGlothlin Campus Center to your residence hall. The Postal Service and the various package carriers will only deliver to us, they will not deliver to the residence halls.
  • During the summer we are open Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and your packages will only be available to you at these times.

How long can I keep my mailbox?

You may keep your mailbox as long as you like. If you are not enrolled in classes, we cannot bill your mailbox rent to your student account, you will have to pay us for the rent at the beginning of the semester.

You will remain in your mailbox and you will be charged rent until: