Off Campus Flyers

Off campus businesses and organizations have an exciting and low cost way to use direct mail to reach ACU students. Off Campus Flyers through ACU’s campus mail system is a great way to reach those interested in your products or services. Our boxing fees are lower than all postage rates plus addressing is not required! About 60 percent of all students have an ACU mailbox.  Commercial flyers through Mail Services offers a low cost way to reach a large percentage of ACU’s students.

! Off Campus Flyers will only be boxed for students with an ACU mailbox.  Employees must receive personal mail at their home address.

Recipient Options

We can box any number of flyers, for example we can just box 500 or 1,000 flyers or however many you would like. However, for the broadest coverage for your flyer, we recommend one of these two options:

  • One flyer per student mailbox – 1,575 flyers.  One flyer per student or family mailbox.
  • One flyer per student mailbox occupant – 2,215 flyers.  One flyer per student mailbox occupant and one flyer per family mailbox.


We also offer demographic criteria for the student flyers: gender, classification (freshmen, sophomore, etc.) and housing status (on and off campus).  For the piece counts using one, two or all three of these criteria, please contact us.

Mail Content

In keeping with its mission to educate students for Christian service and leadership throughout the world, ACU seeks to help students develop and strengthen Christian perspectives in all activities. Therefore, ACU reserves the right to refuse to box any commercial flyer. Prohibited activities or items in the flyers include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Tobacco
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Establishments or events where a principle purpose is known to be the sale and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages
  • Any activity or item that would subject a student to disciplinary action for misconduct

Mailers must submit a sample flyer in advance for review.

Mail Piece Design

Only unaddressed flyers will be accepted. The minimum size is 3½ x 5 inches. Commercial flyers must be one of the following:

Post Cards Must be made of card stock.  The maximum dimensions are 5½” x 8½”.
Self-Mailers Use a tab, label or tape to seal a self-mailer closed, please do not use staples. The acceptable formats are:
  1. Half sheet (5½ x 8½ inches) – Folded width-wise to form a square with the fold on top (figure A).
  2. One to two letter or legal sized sheets – Folded in thirds with a letter fold with the single fold on top (figure B).
  3. Three or more letter or legal sized sheets – Folded in half with the fold on top and sealed closed with a tab, label or tape (figure C).
 Figure AFigure BFigure C

Boxing Fees

The boxing fees are based on the dimensions of the mail piece:

Dimensions For Profit Businesses
and Organizations
(per piece)
Non-Profit Organizations
(per piece)
Height up to 5¼ inches and
Length up to 11 inches
Height over 5¼ inches or
Length over 11 inches

At the time of mailing, the mailer must pay the appropriate boxing fees on all mail pieces: cash or checks (payable to ACU.)


Commercial flyer mailings must be scheduled in advance.  The mailings will be boxed on a first-come, first-serve basis. The days that these mailings can be boxed will vary depending on Mail Services' work load.

Contact Information

For questions or to schedule mailing please contact Chistow Langston at or call 674-2865.