Address List Maintenance

We can provide address list maintenance services for all types of mail:

  • Campus mail – Students and employees
  • Domestic mail – First-Class Mail, Standard Mail and Packages Services
  • International mail – Airmail and Economy Mail


To mail at the Nonprofit or Regular Standard Mail or Presorted First-Class Mail rates, the Postal Service requires that the ZIP Codes on each address be checked for accuracy within one year of the mailing date. Addresses in Banner have not been checked for accuracy and it is the responsibility of the mailer to see this check is performed before the mailing is addressed.  In addition, the address list for a Presorted First-Class mailings must have had the addresses checked to confirm that the recipient still lives at the address (called Move Update).

Mailing to the Faculty and/or Staff?

If we are preparing a mailing for you, we can download current faculty and/or staff lists for you, saving you the time to create the list yourself.

Import Address Lists

Any number of address lists, even in different formats can be merge together into one mailing list. Address lists may be submitted on flash drives or CD-ROM or emailed to us. Address lists submitted in these formats can be imported:

  • ASCII text fixed field length – All fields, including the last one must be the same length
  • ASCII text tab or comma delimited
  • WordPerfect or Microsoft Word mail merge – All records must have the same number of fields and the fields must not contain a hard return
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Access

Delete Duplicates

When multiple lists are merged together, if you request it, we can check the combined lists for duplicate names and/or addresses and delete the duplicates.

Exporting the Corrected Address Lists 

The corrected addresses lists can be exported in ASCII text fixed field length or in tab or comma delimited files for your use.

Checking Addresses

When checking the addresses we do the following, as required for Presorted First-Class Mail or Standard Mail:

  • Correct and add missing address elements including ZIP+4 codes
  • Standardize the address to meet Postal Service addressing standards
  • Confirm that the address exists and it is a valid delivery address
  • Check to see if the address has been changed due to the 911 street addressing project or if the locality renamed or renumbered the street.

In addition for Presorted First-Class Mail, as required, we confirm that the addressee still receives mail at the address.

Manually Add, Delete or Change Addresses

Additional address records can e manually added to the list, specific records deleted or records can be changed.

Preparing the Mailing

In addition to checking the addresses, our mailing software also determines the presort method with the lowest postage cost and sorts the addresses into the proper order for the selected class of mail. The necessary reports and forms for the Postal Service are also generated. For other classes of outgoing mail or campus mail, the mail pieces can be sorted in ACU Box order, ZIP Code order, etc.