Mail Production

We offer a number of mail production services for both outgoing (domestic and international) and campus mail. A nominal charge is made for each of the services to cover the cost of labor, supplies and equipment. It is our goal to send out each mailing at the lowest total cost of postage and handling charges.


During 2005/06 we were able to save our customers an average of 52 percent on the handling charges over using an outside vendor and an average of 27 percent off of the basic rate of Nonprofit Standard Mail postage.

 The services currently available are:

Scheduling a Mail Production Job

It is highly recommended that mail production jobs be scheduled a minimum of three weeks before we receive either the address list or mail pieces. We are usually booked up two or more weeks in advance. At the time the mailing is scheduled, we will have a number of questions for you about the mailing.

Processing Order

Mailings where we receive the address list and mail pieces on schedule are worked first. Late mailings are worked on a first-come, first-serve basis after the on-time mailings are worked.

Miscellaneous Labor

For performing other services not listed here, we charge per quarter hour. If your job requires us to work before 8 a.m., after 5 p.m. or on the weekends, we will charge per quarter hour for overtime labor.

Work Contracted Out

If we contract out part of your mailing job, we will charge you exactly what we were billed for the work.