How Much Will It Cost?

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is what will it cost? There are two components to cost: postage and handling charges.


Standard and Presorted First-Class Mail

Calculating the exact postage cost for a mailing before having the address list and the mail pieces is rather difficult, there are many different rates for each class. One mailing will have pieces at a number of different rates. The postage rate for each mail piece depends on the destination, how many pieces are going to that destination, the weight and size of the mail piece and whether the mail piece can be automated.

We usually quote the basic rate for the mail piece with the understanding that the true cost will be less. We will only charge you the actual postage cost.

Other Rates

Other domestic and international rates may be available for your mailing.

Handling Charges

Our handling charges depend on the size and shape of the mail piece and what needs to be done. Contact us at 325-674-2530 or for an estimate of the handling charges for your mailing.