Printing Addresses and Letters

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Printing Addresses

Printing Addresses on Adhesive Labels

A dot matrix printer is used to print the one up continuous form adhesive labels. Labels have to be used when the mail pieces cannot be printed using the inkjet or laser printers.

Inkjet Addresses Directly on the Mail Piece

An inkjet printer is used to print addresses directly on the mail pieces.  We can print in ACU purple, black and red ink. Only mail pieces that can take ink without smearing can be addressed directly. The size limits of the mail pieces are 14 inches high and ½ inches thick.

Laser Addresses Directly on the Mail Piece

A laser printer is used to print addresses directly on the mail pieces. Only empty envelopes up to 7 x 10 inches can be addressed directly.

Printing Letters

Setup Letters

The letters can be a personalized or form letter and more than one page. Letter files can be accepted in Microsoft Word or WordPerfect formats. Please include a note with the font type you want for the letter. We will give you a proof of the final letter before we begin printing.

Scan in Signature

Signatures can be scanned in and added to the letter. Signatures can only be printed in black by the laser printer.  However we can print signature in blue using the Risograph. To scan in a signature, have the person sign three or four times their normal signature in black on a white 8½ x 11 inch piece of paper. We will return the signatures to you.

Laser Print Letters

The letters will be printed on our HP LaserJet. We can also print on both sides of the sheets of paper if necessary.