Mailbox Security and Privacy


Sanctity of the mail is something everyone takes for granted. People send their mail with all the confidence in the world that it will reach its destination – safely, soundly, and confidentially. They have a good reason for this belief. The Postal Service has a long history of maintaining high ethical standards. We work hard to maintain the same standards for you, our customers.

Our facility is secured and only our staff have access to our facility. All visitors inside our facility must be escorted. Only the person with the combination to a mailbox or a call notice may pickup the mail. If you lose a call notice, or in the rare instance the mailbox lock is broken, you must present photo identification to claim your mail and then we will only give you your mail, no one else's.

Mailbox Combinations and Keys

Department mailboxes have either a combination or key lock. It is up to you to protect the combination or key to your mailbox. Possession of a combination or key is the right to the mail in that mailbox.

If your forget your combination or lose your key, please see your department head. Department heads are responsible for giving out the combination or ordering additional keys from us. Our staff cannot look up department mailbox combinations or give out mail from the back of the mailbox (this includes paychecks).


As a matter of privacy, we cannot tell anyone over the telephone if we have mail for them. You must come and check the mail in your mailbox yourself. The only information we can release is someone's mailbox number.