Unaddressed Flyer Instructions


Using unaddressed flyers saves the time and expense of addressing each piece. The boxing fees are lower because these flyers can be boxed more quickly than addressed mail.

Recipient Options

The number of flyers needed are listed after each option. These counts were correct as of the date at the bottom of this page. Note: If enough flyers are not received, some departments or students may not receive the flyer.


Employees with multiple assignments are counted at their major assignment. Administrators and deans are counted as staff. The employee options are:

Employee Options Number
of Flyers
Please Post125One flyer is sent to each department or location to post on their bulletin board for everyone to see. Before boxing, the outside (back) of each piece is stamped with "Please Post for Faculty and Staff" so the department will know what to do with the flyer.
Faculty340All part, half and full-time faculty and missionaries-in-residence.
Staff585All part, half and full-time staff and the managers of the ACU affiliates.
Faculty and Staff925Both of the faculty and staff groups above.

To send flyers, for example, to the faculty and administrators, you could send unaddressed flyers to the faculty but those to the administrators would have to be addressed.

We will accept unaddressed flyers to faculty and staff advertising an ACU employee's own home for sale. These flyers must meet all mail piece guidelines. At the time of mailing the sender must pay the appropriate boxing fees for all pieces.


All students with an ACU mailbox. Students living in the residence halls and Sherrod Residential Park are required to have a mailbox. Mailboxes are optional for those living in University Park Apartments or off campus. The student options are:

Student Options Number
of Flyers
One per Student Mailbox1,575One flyer per student and family mailbox.
One per Student Occupant2,215One flyer per student mailbox occupant and family mailbox.

We now offer three different demographic criteria for unaddressed student flyers:

  • Gender
  • Classification
  • Housing status (on or off campus).

Please contact Nikki Nash at 674-709 or ngn09a@acu.edu  for the number of flyers needed for the demograpphic criteria you would like to use.

Mailing Instructions

  1. To determine the number of copies that need to be made:
    • Sender copied – Use the counts above.
    • Mail Services copied – We will make the appropriate number of copies.
  2. The mail pieces must meet the design guidelines. The sender is responsible for all mailing preparation unless we are hired to prepare the mailing. If we will be performing any mail production services, please contact Holly Perry at holly.a.perry@acu.edu or 325-674-2865 at least one week in advance of sending us the original to be copied or the mail pieces to assemble or address.
  3. Bundle or box up the mailing. We have letter trays, flat tubs or mail sacks for loan.
  4. Attach a completed purple Campus Mail form to each bundle, box, etc. of mail or to the original, filling in:
    • Department name and account number.
    • Sender's name and telephone extension (if we need to contact someone).
    • Check the unaddressed flyer under classification and check the option(s) desired. If you are using one or more of the student criteria, please write in the criteria you want to use.
    • Check what to do with any extra flyers.
    • For sender copied flyers, check what to do if there are not enough flyers.
  5. The mail will be boxed as explained on our Boxing Goals page.