University's Contracting Procedures

ACU has guidelines for approval of university contracts:

Summary of Contracting Procedures

Once you have complied with any departmental contract requirements and ensured that any funding commitments are valid follow these steps:

1. Prepare contract by using one of Legal Services' sample contracts or review the existing contract by using the Checklist for Departmental review of contracts

2. Complete a contract submission form online

3. Submit the contract to Legal Services by email at (preferred) or in hard copy to room 111 of the Hardin Administration building or ACU Box 29125.

4. If the contract requires the other party to provide insurance, a certificate of insurance must be submitted along with the contract and cover sheet. For detailed information regarding insurance see Insurance Procedures and Requirements. Visit the Tulip website to learn about purchase options for small group or individual insurance coverage for on-campus events.

5. Secure approval of responsible chair, dean, director, or vice president. (If you are a chair, dean, director, or vice president, no additional approval is required.) The responsible administrator should send an email approving the contract to

6. Legal Services reviews contracts for legal content and not for business terms and conditions. This legal review is required by the University Bylaws. Unless there are concerns or questions that need to be addressed, Legal Services will have the contract signed electronically by an authorized officer of the university using Docusign. After a signature is attained, a copy will be sent back to the originator’s email address through Docusign. Note: If the other party requires handwritten signature, please indicate this on the contract cover sheet.

7. After the contract is returned to you, it is your responsibility to have the other party sign the contract (if they haven't already) and to maintain the signed contract in your department's files.