Team Captain Responsibilities

Team Captain – is the contact person between that particular team and the Intramural department. The office only recognizes the elected team captain as the only spokesperson at games for that team.

It is the responsibility of the team captain to:

  1. Be familiar with all of the intramural rules and regulations in the handbook
  2. See that ALL eligibility rules for the competition are fulfilled
  3. Make sure all players have joined or accepted their invitation to the team before your 1st game
  4. Pay the team fees in full by the Friday before the sport begins
    (Bring the money all at once – do not send your teammates individually)
  5. Notify team members of the place and time of each game, rules of the game, and all intramural policies
  6. Make sure teammates have checked in with the proper ID
  7. Ensure your team wears similar colors
  8. Represent your team at all on-field and off-field meetings
  9. Promote good sportsmanship at all times
  10. Check your email, imleagues, and text messages for game updates
  11. Update your teams’ time preferences on

How to Register

To register, create, or join a team, use your ACU email address to create an imleagues account (external link).


After creating an account, please check your email for a link to activate your IMLeagues account. 


If you have already created an account on imleages with your ACU email address, simply log in to view the ACU Intramurals imleagues page. 

Connect with Intramurals