Pay and Benefits

All employees are scheduled for a benefits orientation when they complete their paperwork with Human Resources.  However, here is some basic information to help you better understand your benefits.

When am I going to get paid?

Exempt Employees

  • Exempt pay periods run from the 20th to the 19th.
  • Exempt employees are paid monthly on the first of every month, except in December.  The January 1st paycheck will always be paid on December 31st.
  • Exempt staff must report their exception time (time not worked due to vacation, holiday, sick, etc.) via Banner Web Time Entry Leave Report.
  • Faculty must report any absences of more than five consecutive days for record keeping required by the Provost Office and Human Resources.
  • Exempt staff are paid on the first of the month.  If a payday is Saturday, Sunday, or a banking holiday, you will be paid on the previous business day.

Nonexempt Employees

  • Nonexempt employees run from the 30th - 15th and 16th - 29th.
  • Nonexempt employees are paid on the 15th and 29th of every month (semi monthly.) 
  • If a payday is Saturday, Sunday, or a banking holiday, you will be paid on the previous business day.

For more payroll information visit the Payroll section on the HR website or the Wage and Salary Administration section of the Employee Handbook. 

What are my benefits?

ACU offers health insurance, prescription insurance, dental, vision, life insurance, disability insurance, and non-reimbursed medical flex and dependent care flex.  Vacation, sick and holiday leave are also included in your benefits.  You can view details on all benefits available to you at

  • ACU's health and prescription insurance provider is Blue Cross Blue Shield and is available for all full-time employees. For premiums and other information, visit the Medical and Rx- BCBSTX tab on the Benefits website
  • Dental insurance is provided to ACU employees by Assurant.  Employees can visit any dentist of their choice, but if a dentist does not file with Assurant, the employee is responsible for filing the claim with Assurant.  A list of premiums is available on Dental tab on the Benefits website.
  • VSP provides ACU's vision plan.  Employees must visit a VSP doctor for the visit to be covered at the full benefit.  Employees can go to a non-VSP doctor, but the visit will not be covered in full.  For a list of benefits covered in the VSP plan, see the vision tab on the Benefits website.
  • ACU provides a life insurance policy at no cost for all employees.  This policy is worth one times your annual salary.  You may take out additional policies at cost.  For more information, see Life and Disability tab on the Benefits website.
  • ACU also provides a long-term disability policy for all employees at no cost to the employee.  For more information about the policy, Long Term Disability page under the Life and Disability tab on the Benefits website.
  • There are two Flex policies that are offered: dependent care and non-reimbursed medical.  For more information about these policies, see the FSA tab on the Benefits website.
  • Full-time employees start accruing vacation at 6.67 hours/month.  Although employee begin accruing vacation immediately, employees must wait six months before vacation time can be used.  For more information, see the Vacation Benefit.
  • Full-time employees accrue sick leave at 12 hours/month.  Sick leave is available to take as soon as it is earned.  For more information about what qualifies as sick leave, see the Sick Leave policy from the Employee Handbook. Reduced Full Time, Half-Time, and Part-Time Employees accrue leave at prorated rate.
  • ACU has a shared leave bank to provide a safety net against salary interruption for employees who have a catastrophic health condition causing them to be unable to perform their assigned job duties.  Donations of sick leave hours by employees provide income to an affected employee who would otherwise be on unpaid leave.  The purpose is not to provide unlimited sick leave for any medical reason.  For more information, see the Shared Leave Bank Benefit.
  • Holiday hours are automatically in employees' leave balances at the beginning of each fiscal year; however, holiday hours cannot be used until the actual holiday.  For a list of holidays, see the Holiday Calendar.  For more information on Holiday leave, see the Holiday Leave Benefit . Reduced Full Time, Half-Time, and Part-Time Employees accrue leave at prorated rate.
  • Employees also receive a tuition discount for classes at ACU for the employee, their spouse and children.  Employees are eligible for six hours during each regular semester, three hours for each summer term.  Spouses are eligible for three hours during each semester.  After five years of continuous employment, the employee's spouse is eligible to apply for a discount for up to 18 hours each regular semester and six hours per summer term.  Children are eligible to apply for a discount for up to 18 hours each regular semester and six hours per summer term.  This benefit continues through the semester following the child's 25th birthday.  For more information, please see the Tuition Discount Benefit.
  • Along with the tuition discount for ACU, employees are eligible for a discount with Abilene Christian Schools (ACS).  To see more details about this discount, see the Abilene Christian Schools Benefit.
  • Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) is provided to enable employees to receive time away from work with or without pay for limited periods to attend specified family needs with job protection and no loss of accumulated service.  For more information on FMLA, please see the FMLA policy from the Employee Handbook and the Employee Guide to FMLA.

What happens if I get injured at work?
If you are injured at work, you or your supervisor must email within 24 hours of the injury.  If the injury is not reported in a timely manner, it could cause complications with the worker's compensation insurance.